Mitt Romney Continues To Campaign With Anti-Obama Economic Pitch

By Jordan Chariton for US Daily Review.

The Former Governor cites the “Obama Economy” in Campaign Stops Across the Country

President Obama’s home state went to his biggest rival Tuesday night.

With Mitt Romney’s victory in the Illinois primary, he inched closer to becoming the Republican nominee to challenge President Obama.  He does so with a consistent message to the American people blaming President Obama for the countries current economic woes.

“Three years of Barack Obama have brought us fewer jobs and shrinking paychecks, but many of us believed we were in danger of losing something even more than the value of our homes and our 401(k) s,” Romney said during his Illinois victory speech.   “After years of too many apologies and not enough jobs, historic drops in income and historic highs in gas prices, a president who doesn’t hesitate to use all the means necessary to force through Obamacare on the American public, but leads from behind in the world.”

Since his campaign launched last summer, the former Massachusetts Governor has continued with unrelenting attacks charging the President with being everything from an economic lightweight to being in over his head. One of his biggest crowd pleasers has been evoking the “Obama Economy” tag line.

It remains to be seen whether this type of attack will work if Romney becomes the nominee in the general election.  One former New York politician predicts it won’t.

“Mr. Romney is directed by the opinions of other people.  He tries to please them instead of trying to come up with a philosophy of his own,” said former New York Assemblyman Edward Sullivan.  “His campaign message is to blame Obama for everything but it won’t sway enough independent voter’s to beat a strong incumbent President.”

Romney has not changed his tune that the President has weakened the economy; even after several upbeat jobs reports.  Employers added 227,000 jobs in February, according to the Labor Department, which marked a third straight month of at least 200,000 jobs created.

Still Romney and other Republican’s cite Obama for hurting other parts of the economy.

“President Obama has created an openly hostile environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs,” said radio host Kevin Price.  Price, who hosts “The Price of Business” on Bloomberg based KNTH cites tax rates and regulations as killing real economic growth.

“As of April, the U.S. will have the highest corporate tax rate and regulatory environment of any industrialized country in the world,” Price said.  “These factors are unnecessary obstacles the President is putting in the way of job creators.”

Romney plans on using sentiments like this to win over unconvinced conservatives in his own party as well as independent voters who voted for Obama in the 2008 election. In February he released a plan calling for a 20 percent across-the-board cut to individual tax rates as well as a lowering of the corporate tax rate from 35 to 25 percent.

Saturday night Romney looks to add to his victory total and all-important delegate counts by winning Louisiana.  He has struggled in Southern States, losing the majority of them besides Florida and Virginia.

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