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By The Price of Business (1110 AM KTEK, Houston, TX is the sister radio program of US Daily Review and is Hosted by USDR Publisher and Managing Editor, Kevin Price).  These are interviews Kevin Price had with his contributors and guests. *Sponsored


On a recent radio segment the Price of Business Host, Kevin Price got to sit down
with Chris Kidd, Financial Coach and Contributor on the Price of Business on
Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston), to talk about
some of Chris’s work and catch up on some things in the sports world.
(Click here to listen to the interview)

Chris Kidd is a financial coach who has a passion for helping others. Kevin Price
asked about his coaching business, and Chris explained that he basically helps
people get more out of their money. Chris says, “A lot of times we’ll run into
financial problems and you run out of money before the month runs out
One thing that I help people do is find money that seems to disappear. We put
together a budget that will help them kinda stay on a plan of where they want to

Kidd added, “I always say every time you spend a dollar ask yourself, ‘What
significance will this have in five years?’ When I was 19, 20 years old I said, ‘I
want to be a millionaire by the time I’m 25.’ I really got pretty crazy with it and
said that I wouldn’t spend a dime that didn’t come back to me in one form or
another.” And Chris was able to achieve that  goal.

Chris Kidd continued, “That’s kinda one thing I help work with people on. And it’s
not necessarily to become a millionaire. If they want to then fantastic! If they
already are but they want to make sure they stay a millionaire, that’s also another
case. We deal with personal finances, entrepreneurship — because I think everyone
needs some form of business of their own, whether they are working for someone
else or however their income comes in, they need some kind of a business, for tax
purposes if nothing else, and then also investing. A lot of people I run into are
investing on the HOPE Strategy. They buy stuff that their advisor or broker, or
somebody tells them to buy, and they just kinda hope it works out and not really
understanding what’s going on with it. I teach them either, if they want to manage
their own that’s fine, or if they want to work with an advisor or somebody, at least
how they can check back up on what their money is doing and understand.”
Kevin Price said, “People should definitely have an advisor when it comes to their
money. If they have significant enough money, they should have some kind of level
of  advisor.”

Chris agreed and added, “If you want to look at the Bible, it says there’s safety in a
multitude of counselors. It’s good to have people around you who are expert in
certain fields. Even if you are a great investor, a lot of times, especially if you have
businesses or other things going on, you may not be able to look up everything and
find the best deals on your own, but if you have an advisor who’s really good, they
can bring you the ideas, but you have to be able to understand how to weed
through those and really understand how they work, and where the money is
coming from, it is a good legitimate investment, and if not maybe its something to
walk away from, or it may be something that you look at and you say yeah this is
fantastic I’m glad you found this, thank you very much, and I know enough to act
on  it.”



From there, Kevin Price transitioned into what’s happening in the sporting arena,
and what happened in the Final Four. Kevin thought what happened with the Final
Four was shocking. Chris said he thought it was “pretty awesome.” Kevin said,
“You like underdogs figuring it out in the end?” Chris replied, “Yeah, and you
know we had Rickie Winslow on earlier this past year, and his son Jusitise plays
for Duke, and actually we’re planning on having him in the studio this summer. So
I was kinda pulling for Duke, I had a slight bias because of that. I really liked
Wisconsin though too, and that one I did not see coming. I thought that Duke had
the tools to possibly get there… but Kentucky, that was one, they had so much
talent on that team it was hart to not see them making it to the championship. And
that’s one of those things that you actually see a lot of in sports and in life —
somebody who’s equipped with all the talent in the world and theres no way, when
you put it on paper theres no way anybody else could match up against them. But
the teams that play better together, the real ‘TEAMS’ working together can beat
those  teams.”

Kevin chimed in, “The old “Any Given Sunday’ — on any given day in sports. Just
ask Appalachian State vs Michigan.” Price added, “And you know what?
Michigan’s never been the same. Since 2007 it’s generally been in decline.
Meanwhile Appalachian State went from a Division 1 AA school to Division 1
school who continues to grow, of course in a very weak conference, but you know
it was an incredible devastation to  Michigan.”

Chris Kidd said he likes what Ex-Dallas Cowboys linebacker, Dat Nguyen says:
“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” With that they wrapped
up this Price of Business  segment. Click here to listen to the  interview


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