Movie Corner: Heaven is for Real

Movie: Heaven is for Real
Director: Randall Wallace
Starring:  Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, Thomas Haden Church, and Connor Corum
Rating/Runtime: PG / 99 Minutes

Heaven is for Real is the true story of young Colton who visits heaven, holding the hand of our Savior, while the surgeon and surgical nurses are fighting with everything they have to save his life. It is based on the book with the same name. (Watch the movie trailer here.)

The movie opens with Colton’s father who is a volunteer fireman, wrestling coach, and pastor at the local church. We see family life unfold in a small Nebraska town until Colton’s appendix bursts and his life hangs in the balance.

When Colton recovers he begins to share his experiences with his father, who oddly enough, has his own crisis of faith because of the stories his son is telling him. As the movie goes on, bits and pieces of Connor’s time in heaven unfold and the entire town is shaken in one way or another.

Are we afraid heaven isn’t real, or are we afraid that it is? This is the main question of the film. And it is tearing apart the pastor, his wife and his parishioners. Their faith seems to be shaken over the fact that heaven is indeed for real.

It is a poignant, powerful, inspiring and incredibly uplifting film. It draws the viewer into the story and poses the same question, ” is heaven for real?”

It is a true story told in an understated fashion. Knowing what I know of the roles that Greg Kinnear and Kelly Reilly play on television, I was some startled at the casting. However, it only took 15 to 20 minutes for me to forget their crass television shows and be immersed complete in the story of the Burpo family. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and if you allow it, you’ll be indelibly touched by a child’s recounting of his visit to heaven.

Both Colton, and a young girl (who is a remarkable artist and painted this rendition of Jesus Christ) who had a similar experience both say this is what Jesus looks like. This is a painting known as Akiane’s Jesus Christ. In fact, young Colton’s reaction when he saw this painting of Jesus was startling. He definitively said this is what our Savior looks like with no question or hesitation. Just a stark, “That’s Him.”

There are many who doubt these children saw what they saw, but I am not one of them. Remember, Jesus Christ said:

Matthew 18:3: And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

When a four-year-old tells you he visited heaven, then gives specific, and accurate, accounts of who he met and what they said, then the conclusion must be that heaven is, indeed, for real.

Not only is this movie a #mustsee, but it is also one that should be added to your home library. In addition, I would recommend adding the book to your home library as well.

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