Movie Corner: Snow White and The Huntsman

By Candace Salima, Contributor, US Daily Review

Movie: Snow White and The Huntsman
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Kristin Stewart and Charlize Theron
Director: Rupert Sanders

 This ain’t your mama’s Snow White … or rather, this movie is much closer to the Grimm Brothers fairy tale, than Walt Disney’s version. First, let me say this much. My husband liked it, but thought it dragged on too long in the Dark Forest. My niece (33-years old) liked parts of it. And my 13-year-old niece, like me, thought it was awesome.

I suspended all I knew about the Snow White of my youth and opened myself to a new telling of the ancient tale. And that is key to the enjoyment of this movie. Kristen Stewart (Bella of Twilight) was an interesting choice for Snow White, but still, she did well enough. A stronger role was the Wicked Queen, and wow, did Charlize Theron make her the creepiest, darkest, most evil, and oddly sympathetic at times, queen to date! But for me, and I think for just about everyone, Chris Hemsworth stole the show. With three movies out this year, including his blockbuster role as Thor in The Avengers, Chris Hemsworth is emerging as a star with major clout. And his role as The Huntsman is no different. His story, his emergence from despair and pain into the hero he becomes is wonderful to watch.

The tale trips along nicely, sticking close to the story we all know, until The Huntsman meets Snow White. Then we take a wild departure from Walt Disney’s version and take a trip in the Dark Forest.

Snow White, in this tale, is destined to save the land from the Wicked Queen and through many, many events, including a delightful journey through the Enchanted Forest, which is called The Sanctuary in this movie.

We journey through the land drenched in the darkness of the Queen, as Snow White emerges into the leader she will become. I won’t tell you too much more, but know that there are twists and turns in this one.

I do not recommend this movie for children under 13. It is too dark and the subject matter too violent. However, it is a great movie for date night. I liked it quite alot and am giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

Don’t forget! When you enter the theater, forget everything you ever knew about Snow White and enjoy the show.


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