Moving Insurance: What You Need to Know


Whether you’re moving across the country or just around the corner, it is always stressful. Have you ever found your favorite vase broken or family table scratched after your move? Next time in order to avoid such pity moments, just insure your belongings  beforehand.

Types of Moving  Insurance

There are different types of moving insurance, which can then be revised or supplemented depending on the material to be transported or the customer’s  needs:


All-risk Moving Insurance. The best moving companies as offer to buy moving insurance like All Risk insurance that covers any damage during the entire service. There is no single All Risk insurance, but you can choose between several options such as Door to Door insurance, which is a complete cover for damage that may occur during transport, loading of goods, delivery or during the period when furniture and goods are stored in stock. The insurance may also be partial, i. e. it may cover only some of the furniture and goods that are transported as more delicate or higher-value items. Finally, the insurance cover can be applied to certain stages of moving, such as transport or storage  only.

Basic Moving Insurance (or third-party liability). It is usually offered by the mover, but attention to detail, often does not cover all risks or damage in certain situations. Usually it concerns third party liability, i. e. if damage is caused to third parties (e. g. people, stairwell in loading and unloading, etc.). Remember that standard policies normally only cover damage during loading and unloading, but do not cover damage that may occur during  transport.

Standard Moving Insurance. It is useful if you need to insure furniture beyond porterage operations. It covers all damage to your property under any circumstances. The maximum amount of cover for the insurance must be determined between you and your moving  company.

Living a stress-free move means relying on a competent staff, who can also advise the customer on the type of insurance to choose.
Furthermore, removals companies that offer All Risk insurance must always be preferred because they protect the customer and this is the greatest guarantee that a good removals company can offer. Whether you want to change your home or your office, the DIY leaves room for professionalism, for a complete and safe work, efficient and guaranteed by the competence of real  professionals.

Very important: it is always good to check that the transporter is registered in the register of hauliers, as if it is not, there could be problems in the event of some damage and the insurance could have clashes that will allow it to pay the  damage.


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