Mushroom Cloud Descends on NY Sen. Schumer’s Midtown Office to Stop Iran from Getting Nukes

By Stop Iran Rally  Coalition

A giant nuclear mushroom cloud — made of vinyl — descended on Senator Chuck Schumer’s Midtown New York office on Tuesday to protest the Senator’s silence on the nuclear deal and remind him of what will happen if Iran is allowed to go  nuclear.

Activists from the Stop Iran Rally Coalition, who brought 12,000 concerned Americans to Times Square last week to protest the nuclear deal, took responsibility for the 10-foot tall mushroom cloud, after seeing how well people reacted to the prop at the  rally.

“This mushroom cloud is an ugly reminder of what the entire nuclear non-proliferation treaty was designed to protect us from,” saidJeffrey Wiesenfeld, an activist who coordinated the Stop Iran Rally. “Just like with North Korea in 1994, we’re about to green-light a violent regime, this time in Iran, to gain a weapon for which the mushroom cloud will be all that remains of the Middle  East.”

While protesters at the Stop Iran Rally in Times Square were calling for him to vote down the deal, Senator Schumer sent a message on social media from a bagel shop in Washington to tell voters how much he loved New York. That Instagram quickly became a meme and the focus of a New York Post editorial, asking ‘Where is Chuck?’ as New York’s normally chatty senior senator went uncomfortably silent on the question that’s now become top of mind for tens of thousands of his  constituents.

The day after the protest in Times Square, the Stop Iran Rally moved to the Senator’s office, at 780 Third Avenue, where protestors, including New York Democrat Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Americans for a Safe Israel executive director Helen Friedman, blocked traffic and were arrested by  NYPD.

They vowed to return, this time with the Nuclear Mushroom Cloud, every Tuesday, from 11:30AM to 2PM, until Senator Schumer votes down this dangerous nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of  Iran.

“I supported Obama’s red lines of two years ago; he’s now crossed all those red lines,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind after being released from NYPD custody for civil  disobedience.

Location: Senator Schumer’s Office, 780 Third Avenue, between 48th and  49th Streets

Time: Every Tuesday, 11:30AM to  2PM

Footage of protest at Schumer’s office:
Footage of protesters leaving jail:
Footage of Assemblyman Hikind leaving jail:

SOURCE Stop Iran Rally  Coalition

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