NBA Predictions for 2016-2017


The NBA season is less than 24 hours away and it’s time for some final predictions to help guide you through your NBA betting  season!

Watch out for overvalued teams – New York  Knicks

Every year there are a few teams that look like they could end up being playoff contenders and they completely flop. They also tend to flop against the spread as well. They are usually big market teams that have overhyped and overvalued their teams and most of the time this team is the New York  Knicks.

Last season New York was pretty good against the number, mostly because they had very low expectations and most of the time they were undervalued, especially at home. However, now with much bigger expectations, the Knicks might go back to where they used to be, a sucker  play.

If you were to bet the Knicks every game over the two seasons before last, you’d be 71-90-3 ATS and out a lot of money. Beware of teams that seem too good to be  true.

Look for undervalued teams – Memphis  Grizzlies

There are a lot of teams that could be the most undervalued. Last season other than the Warriors, the Magic had the best record of cashing their spreads for bettors on any given  night.

I am looking towards a team like the Grizzlies to take over that role this season. The Grizzlies were the most unlucky team last season when it came to injuries and they got buried because of  it.

However, with Marc Gasol and Mike Conley both healthy and the addition of Chandler Parsons, this team could once again challenge for a high playoff spot in the West. They might also surprise some bettors fading them. Four years ago Memphis won 56 games ATS including the regular season and the  playoffs.

Memphis is the smallest NBA market. They don’t have a lot of reach and they have only been in Memphis for less than two decades. Even though the fans around the area and teams in their division know they are good, the national NBA betting market might not, especially early in the season is Parsons can get in a game  soon.

Cavs vs. Warriors  III

The NBA isn’t like baseball when it comes to parity. The best teams are almost always in the conference finals and this season the two best teams in the league are the Cavs and  Warriors.

If these two teams aren’t in the Finals against one another for the third straight season, it likely means one of them was hurt, or they blew it like the Thunder did last  season.

These two are overwhelming future odds favorites in their conferences as well. You would need to bet $150 just to win $100 on the Cavaliers to win the East and an outrageous $225 to win $100 on the Warriors to win the West. This is just some of the evidence of how big of an upset if would be if we don’t get a rubber game for these two elite  teams.

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