NC Republican Women Counter Democrats’ “War on Women” in Video

By US Daily Review Staff.

On Friday, June 1, 2012, the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women ( will debut their recent video production “Why I Vote Republican” at the North Carolina Republican Convention ( in Greensboro, NC. The convention takes place June 1-3, 2012. The video production is intended to highlight the rich diversity of not only the Republican Party but the reason why so many successful women in America are Party members. “The Republican Party is not the Party of fat-cat, rich old white guys, as the Left wants you to believe. It is rich in diversity across gender, race and ethnicity, and we are proud of that fact,” says Dena Barnes, NCFRW President, “and this video production demonstrates that very well.” The video, Barnes continued, contains a series of brief interviews of North Carolina women who range from first-generation legal immigrants to multi-generational North Carolina women, from homemakers to professional women working outside of the home, all of whom are, and vote, Republican.

“As far as the eye can see if there is a ‘War’ against anyone, it’s a war waged by Democrats and Liberals against us all, not just against women,” says Barnes. Barnes is referring to the recent media blitz regarding the purported “War On Women” Democrat leaders, Liberal pundits and bloggers have launched against Republican leadership in Washington and beyond.

“Somehow Democrats have forgotten,” Barnes continued, “we are ‘The Party of Lincoln’ – the Party who supported suffrage – fighting for women’s right to vote. In their cloud of amnesia Democrats also forgot that Republicans were the first Party to give women equal roles in a Party’s leadership and governance.” Barnes’ reference is to the 1940 shift where the GOP mandated that women be equally represented in its national and executive Party committees — a standard that was not implemented by the Democrats until more than three decades later.

Barnes emphasized Democrats are accusing Republicans of being anti-women because the Democrats do not want to discuss President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy and the federal debt. “This supposed ‘War’ is just more ‘smoke and mirrors’ by the Left to take away all the GOP has done for women for more than a hundred years and take us away from the real issues we are facing  – Obama’s failure as a leader – plain and simple. If Obama and his Liberal attack dogs want to really help women they’d fix the economy, get men and women back to work and cease with his plans of creating a Nanny State with welfare for all.”

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