New “Audio Adventure” Challenges Conventional Wisdom on Confederate Flag

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As the nation debates the true meaning of the Confederate Flag, a new audio program shows the Civil War from a unique, even impartial perspective: From the eyes of an unbiased  Englishman.

With Lee in Virginia” is a 2½ hour active-listening adventure based on the historical writings of Englishman, G.A. Henty, who wanted to understand why America fought a war over slavery whereas his country abolished slavery peacefully. Geared for the homeschool and Christian marketplaces, the high-quality production features an all-star Hollywood cast including Kirk Cameron and Sean  Astin.

“Just as Alexis de Tocqueville came to the new United States of America to understand freedom, G.A. Henty came from England to understand slavery and the true causes of Civil War in America. His story has not been told until now. In fact, it’s the story almost no one has ever heard,” said Bill Heid, executive producer of “With Lee In Virginia.” His company, Heirloom Audio Productions, has produced several other audio dramas based on historical events and highlight Christian  themes.

“It’s a remarkable story about life in the South during the Civil War and it truly defies stereotyping. And it shows why almost everyone – on all sides – is wrong about the South and the Confederate  Flag.

“History has been sanitized so much so that the original story simply doesn’t ring true any more. We wanted to find what really happened and why. There’s a lot more that went on than meets the eye, or what people today think,” Heid  said.

“It is a story about reconciliation and peace,” he said. “We want families to realize that there are real Biblical solutions for living our lives. We’re helping parents share a story of courage, honor and duty. And the truth is, this story is about building character in the next  generation.”

About the  Story

Adapted from the book, “With Lee In Virginia,” by G.A. Henty, 15-year old Vincent Wingfield finds himself in a thrilling adventure when he joins the cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia. He is soon fighting alongside many of the most famous Confederate generals, including Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee. General Lee’s steadfast sense of duty and his dauntless devotion to God inspire Vincent to take a stand for his country and his fellow man that could save his  life.

“This is an uplifting story of character, courage and honor. It is full of heroes that parents can use to teach their children the universal values of daring, determination and duty,” Heid said. “We hope people who listen to the program will aspire to what Fredric Douglasssaid: ‘It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken  men.’ ”

All-Star  Cast

The cast includes Hollywood stars Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Chris Anthony (Adventures in Odyssey), Kelsey Lansdowne(Batman: Arkham Origins) and Kirk Cameron (Fireproof) and his son,  James.

The original score is by Emmy award winning composer John  Campbell.

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About Active Listening Audio  Adventures

Active Listening Audio Adventures keep the listener captivated with fast-moving, plot-rich stories and powerfully dynamic sound  effects.

“Parents love audio adventures because they allow children to build their imaginations by letting them create their own visual images and mental movies,” Heid  said.

Heirloom Audio Productions and  Christianity

“At Heirloom Audio Productions, we are passionate about bringing real history to life. This inevitably means a bit of detective work as we try to go beyond the superficial stereotypes in the story we’re attempting to tell,” Heid  said.

“Our task is further complicated by the fact that so much of what passes for any type of history today has been rewritten by secularists, often beyond the point of historical  recognition.

“That said, our passion and love of history takes us to some amazing places and allows us to do some pretty unusual things as we sort out the details of a sometimes murky  past.

“Frankly, this is a lot of fun. But it’s also serious business and we don’t take what God has done for us in the past – our history – lightly or for granted,” said Heid. “We feel God requires us to truly go the extra mile and take our audio dramas to a new level of excellence. Our mission is to engage our listener’s imagination by taking them back in time and immersing them in the  story.”

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