New E-Book Challenges the Norms of Asian Culture to Pursue Personal Wholeness

By US Daily Review Staff.

“I Did It My Way: The Modern Asian Man’s Guide to Complete Social Success,” a newly-released e-book by Asian dating coach, JT Tran, examines the unique set of social issues that Asian men face in their pursuit of success and the approach one Asian American man took to achieve his personal wholeness and social freedom, which culminated his success. The e-book challenges the norm of how Asian cultures raise their families, but gives a step-by-step guide on how to earn trust and respect, build confidence, approach difficult situations, and operate in any socially-driven environment. The e-book, which contains over 200 pages of play-by-play tips, suggestions, and advice that can be used by any person who is trying to gain confidence, is based on the pick up artist industry’s (PUA) methods.

Over the years, the PUA industry has received tremendous scrutiny and backlash from many people, including mainstream media and advocates, because of the misconceptions that the PUA teaches men how to disrespect women to gain sex. However, although Tran does acknowledge that there are PUA’s teaching negative methods, he firmly dismisses the accusations that his students are taught to disrespect women, but focuses more on earning respect. “The methods I teach, which are revealed in my e-book, are methods that can be used not just in the bedroom, but in the boardroom. My approach is about positive outcomes, whether it results in one-night stands, long-term relationships, or approaching a white-collar to land that corporate dream job, it’s about positive outcomes,” says Tran. The e-book, which will be published in hardcopy in 2012 can be purchased directly through Tran’s website.

About Author JT Tran

JT Tran is the founder of the world-renown ABCs of Attraction, one of the world’s first and most successful indie pick up companies. Known as the World’s Greatest Asian Pick Up Artist, Tran is the creator of the revolutionary Holistic approach to pick up and has transformed the lives of thousands of men with his groundbreaking products and programs. Having faced obstacles that most pick up artists have never dreamed of due to adjusting to American culture, Tran specializes in training the toughest cases by working from the ground up, addressing all vital areas of pick up and concentrating on a Holistic method of teaching. Tran’s specialized training and Holistic methods of teaching have attracted the attention of many. He is a renowned speaker in teaching diverse audiences, not only in social settings, but in using some of his methods to overcome obstacles in the workplace and on university campuses. Tran has been guest speaker at Yale and Harvard Universities, and the University of Chicago. He has also been featured on ABC’s Nightline.

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