New Forbes Phone App Pitched

By UVMF NEW YORK, Special for  USDR

(UVMF New York) announces today that they are preparing to pitch to the Forbes Magazine family a new digital magazine app called Forbes Urban. The new product development idea is aimed at communicating financial investment information to the diverse niche market of  millennials.

If launched the Forbes Urban digital magazine app will include content that will keep millennials engaged with exclusive video and audio content. The inclusive content will help the young group better understand the financial markets, own stocks and even enable millennials and advertisers to engage in ways like never before. With part of the proceeds from the app going back to various financial literacy programs, the team at UVMF New York says they have an aggressive promotion strategy to get at least one million subscribers in the first quarter if  launched.

The project is headed by the Founder/Chief Creative Officer of UVMF New York, Dr. Nono C. Pearson. UVMF and Dr. Pearson is no stranger to the Forbes family. The firm was once a 2011 and 2012 Finalist in Forbes Search for Americas Most Promising Companies. To add to the connection, in 2011, Dr. Pearson’s quote on developing millennials on financial literacy via Hip Hop music, was placed in The Forbes Worlds Billionaires List section on

“The foresight and bold stand by the Forbes Family on financial literacy proves with no doubt why they are and will continue to be the number one most trusted financial source in the world,” says Founder/CCO of UVMF Dr. Nono C.  Pearson

UVMF says they are also reaching out to their friends in the entertainment business to help with the financial literacy movement as the firm plans to unveil a full presentation of what a first generation of the Forbes Urban app will  become.

About United Vision Marketing Firm United Vision Marketing Firm (UVMF) was founded February 14th 2007. We are a global marketing and sales consulting firm. We service clients of all sizes in diverse industries with developing sustainable  growth.

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