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A Texas web developer has pushed the envelope in promoting the presidential aspirations of Texas Gov. Rick Perry with the website, The singular effort of Joe Hyde reports news and issues about Rick Perry in the 2012 GOP nomination, as the race reaches the starting gate in Iowa on Jan. 3. It is getting noticed, too. This month, the site about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign reached the first page of Google search results for the term “Rick Perry,” and traffic has surged. The site has been cited on,, and a myriad of other sites as an authority on all things Rick Perry.

Hyde’s vision for the site occurred to him when he found himself obsessed with finding and reading news about a possible run by Rick Perry for president over the summer. “Like me, Rick Perry is an Aggie and a former U.S. Air Force pilot. The only difference is that I have a better head of hair,” Hyde jokes. “I figured that if I was spending so much time looking for news about Perry, I might as well put my talents to work and build a website around my research so that I’d have something to show for it,” Hyde said. was launched in early September 2011 and Hyde has seen the highs and lows of the Perry campaign “One of the problems I wanted to help solve with the was to counter all of the misinformation out there about Perry,” Hyde said. The centerpiece of the is the comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions. In the F.A.Q., Hyde tries to exhibit the whole story about controversial issues surrounding Rick Perry, like Perry’s mandating of the Gardasil vaccine, the Trans-Texas Corridor, and what became the most popular section on, illegal immigration. Hyde collaborated with Emile Bonnecaze who had written about many of those issues in his personal blog.

“Perry was getting unfairly attacked on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants in particular” Hyde said. “And those attacks were being made by conservatives, not liberals.” The F.A.Q. was a way to address the facts versus the rumors in a visible way.

In addition to high Google search ranking, enjoys a blossoming profile on Facebook and on Twitter at “It’s work to publish meaningful content every single day,” Hyde said. has a daily update and a weekly email newsletter summarizing the past week’s activity.

Joe Hyde is an Internet entrepreneur. He was the founder of one of the largest ISPs in South Texas in the 1990s, and a hyper local magazine in 2006. He has worked in interactive media for Belo in Dallas and Salem radio. He has been a fulltime freelance Web developer and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  consultant since January 2010. was developed on the Drupal platform.

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