New Resume Yeti Optimization Program Launches


A polished resume won’t necessarily land the job offer, but a bad one can eliminate an applicant. Automated applicant tracking systems disqualify up to 50% of applications before any person looks at a resume or cover letter. Once processed, the average resume receives only seconds in front of a  recruiter.

Enter, Resume Yeti. Announcing their official launch, Resume Yeti enables a job applicant to create a personal brand, providing a recognizable, unified visual identity throughout the application process. The proprietary system created by Resume Yeti has proven to increase a job-seeker’s chances of being hired by  45%.

Resume Yeti is a resume optimization and personal branding service focusing on the need to deliver high-end resume content and design services to its customers. Resume Yeti’s experts have spent years working with applicant tracking systems and know which “resume keywords” are essential to aid candidates in achieving a higher ranking. Resume template optimization ensures a resume receives the most possible success once it reaches a hiring team by utilizing professional designs to emphasize an applicant’s key experiences. In addition to providing visually stunning, customizable resume templates, Resume Yeti delivers the same branding for cover letters, reference lists, business cards, and online professional profiles, so that job applicants maintain a unified, recognizable self-brand throughout the application  process.

Using cutting edge technology that is designed for the ultimate user experience, Resume Yeti offers job applicants a one-stop shopping experience to optimize a professional profile for their job search. Once users create a free account at, they can begin to custom design and compile everything they need for a competitive job application. If they like what they see, a membership subscription enables users to easily manage multiple resumes and to manipulate their personal information, tailoring their resumes for multiple job applications. Resume Yeti employs a proprietary index of over 32,000 resume keywords, organized by industry. This index is designed to guide the applicant through their preparation of a professional profile— one with higher odds of being evaluated by a human being rather than eliminated by an applicant tracking system’s  filter.

The job hunt is never over. There’s always something better, something more out there, always a promotion on the horizon. A membership at Resume Yeti allows users to return to their profile to keep updating it, or to create an entirely new resume for additional opportunities that arise in the trajectory of their careers. Membership also allows for users to keep current with all the latest developments in technology and trends in the job market through the Resume Yeti  blog.

“Invest 15 minutes and $15 to kickstart your career. It’s that simple at Because finding a job should not be as difficult as climbing Everest. If we can connect more people with positions that inspire them then we’ve truly succeeded,” said Resume Yeti Founder & CEO Kathryn Bluher when conceptualizing the  website.

For more information on Resume Yeti or to schedule an interview please contact:
Kathryn Bluher, Founder & CEO, Resume  Yeti

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