New Ways to Save as a Homeowner!


The opportunity to save 30 percent up-front on the cost of attractive and functional home improvement products, as well as on the installation costs, and then save on energy costs long-term, is hard to  ignore.

Energy Star-qualified no leak solar powered fresh air skylights from VELUX America offer that opportunity. The 30 percent federal tax credit on products and installation can have the effect of making the latest top-of-the-line skylights available for close to the cost of entry-level models. These units not only admit healthful natural light, but allow for passive ventilation to improve indoor air  quality.

Solar powered blinds can be added to the skylights for even greater energy efficiency and both products are operated by a programmable touchpad remote control. The fresh air skylights, which are available for new installations or for replacing older units, close automatically in case of  rain.

The skylights carry a ten-year no leak warranty and feature laminated Clean, Quiet and Safe glass that reduces outside noise while keeping the glass cleaner and brighter. Double-pane LowE3 glass, with argon gas between the panes, make the Energy Star-qualified units highly energy efficient. The laminated glass meets safety code requirements for out-of-reach  skylights.

Adding solar powered blinds, available in designer colors and patterns, and in blackout, light-filtering, or Venetian models, further increases energy efficiency to reduce power  bills.

For details on how skylights can make room-by-room sense in your home, choosing the best models for your needs, calculating costs, and locating near-by installers for new or replacement skylights, visit

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