New Ways to Use Drones

By LiveU, Special for  USDR

Capturing and distributing video has just reached new heights – literally – with the introduction of a drone command and control vehicle, TRIDENT, from unmanned aerial systems (UASs) pioneer FlyMotion. The solution integrates LiveU‘s industry-leading technology for live video acquisition, management and distribution over IP with FlyMotion’s capabilities as a FAA 333 approved UAS solution  provider.

Combining innovative UASs with high-quality video transmission tools presents unmatched video-sharing capabilities for a wide range of end-users, including TV broadcasters, law-enforcement, search and rescue operators, security organizations and industrial inspectors. With TRIDENT, these organizations can now fully pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle with optical or infra-red/thermal cameras from inside the mobile command and control vehicle. LiveU’s hybrid bonded cellular technology enables resilient, live video captured by the UAV to be transmitted to any place in the world, making TRIDENT an indispensable solution in mission critical situations where reliable capture and transmission of live video is  required.

“Several months ago, FlyMotion set out to design and engineer a UAS command and control vehicle that would become a new standard in the unmanned systems industry,” said Maurice Cooley, FlyMotion’s VP of Technology. “TRIDENT provides users with on-scene, rapid deployment functionality that allows for high-definition aerial scene analysis/monitoring in a matter of minutes. Coupled with LiveU’s state-of the-art video transmission capabilities, video can be shared quickly and  easily.”

Citing TRIDENT’s potential use for aiding first responders and relief organizations in a wide variety of natural disasters, Cooley explained that the command and control vehicle is capable of launching a UAV within minutes upon arriving on the disaster site. Low altitude aerial analysis and ongoing video can be transmitted to rescue teams guiding their efforts while helping to minimize  risk.

TRIDENT integrates a LiveU LU500 cellular bonded unit, which provides resilient, live HD video transmission for on-the-move coverage, optimizing all available bandwidth to deliver broadcast-quality video. The FlyMotion solution also utilizes an LU700 hybrid video uplink solution and a LiveU Xtender external antenna solution that increases network reception and bandwidth, adding resiliency for transmissions in extreme situations, while reducing latency to less than one  second.

The command and control system’s layout and equipment eco-system, including a pair of 50-inch monitors with Smart board, are customized depending upon each client’s needs and built into a range of different vehicular platforms. Drones utilizing optical or thermal imaging cameras complete the UAS  solution.

“Working with FlyMotion has opened up new applications of our technology,” said Avi Cohen, LiveU’s Co-Founder and COO. “Today, our video capabilities are being applied to situations that require transmitting live visual intelligence vital to mission-critical decision making, from providing more visual coverage for law-enforcement to helping utilities better see and understand what is happening with their assets without having to send people to inspect  them.”

LiveU executives are available to speak about the integration with FlyMotion UAS  solutions.

About  LiveU
LiveU sets the standard for high-quality and reliable live video acquisition, management and distribution over IP. LiveU’s award-winning technology enables live video transmission from any location around the world with lightweight, easy-to-use equipment.  From backpacks to smartphones, and satellite/cellular hybrid to external antenna solutions, LiveU offers a complete range of devices for live video coverage anytime, anywhere. In addition, LiveU offers extensive cloud-based management and video distribution solutions. With top-tier customers in 60+ countries, LiveU’s solutions are being utilized for breaking and developing news and high-profile events, such as the FIFA World Cup™, Winter and Summer Olympic Games, Presidential Campaigns, Super Bowls, US Collegiate Championships and red-carpet events. LiveU’s solutions include multiple 4G LTE/3G, HSPA+, WiMAX and Wi-Fi cellular links, which are optimized for maximum video quality based on the available network conditions. To learn more about LiveU, visit, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or  Instagram.

About  FlyMotion
FlyMotion Unmanned Systems was founded in 2014, and headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The company has quickly become one of the most recognized, full-scale UAS solution companies.  FlyMotion executive and creative teams engulf themselves in the artistry of Unmanned Aerial Systems, and never stop thinking about how to improve the current industry, or introduce completely new concepts into it, such as FlyMotion TRIDENT. FlyMotion’s mission is to deliver premier turnkey Unmanned Aerial Systems and solutions, while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction and support. To learn more about FlyMotion, visit

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