New Website Launched to Measure Feelings Towards Trump v. Bloomberg

By TOBIN &  Associates, Special for  USDR

A new website, ™, was announced today by Gary Tobin, who has been measuring voter responses for the past two months on his website ( The new sites will measure voter perceptions and responses to a list of attributes for Donald Trump and former New York City mayor Michael R . Bloomberg.

A chance to voice your vote in a theoretical presidential race at

“While Mayor Bloomberg has neither announced his candidacy nor indicated an interest in running,” said Tobin, principal at TOBIN & Associates (, “undoubtedly major blocs in both parties and among the electorate would like him to enter, either as a Republican or an  Independent.

Tobin says, “Our polling protocol is rigorous, uninfluenced by any candidate, party or political pundit. The great and proverbial silent majority would love to weigh in on this  rivalry.”

In the two months since the site went live, Tobin has seen a marked increase in  voting.

Earlier this month, Tobin released broad results of the first 45 days of his polling. “The antipathy toward Don is apparent. Who am I to doubt the results,” said Tobin. “If you trust Don’s claims about his wealth despite evidence to the contrary, you have to believe my  numbers.”

Tobin’s goal is to determine how people view Boston-native Bloomberg, a certified billionaire/businessman/politician, vs. Trump, a “trust me” billionaire/household brand/political novice. The original Trump site searched for responses to the Queens native’s posturing and proclamations. On the new site, more positive attributes will be added as a means of providing perceptual  measurements.

“I expect the results will be markedly different and will provide insightful empirical evidence about the mindset of the American public when it comes to billionaires and the political process,” said  Tobin.

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TOBIN & Associates (, headquartered for nearly a decade in New York City, has operated from offices in San Rafael since 2004. It was founded in 1995. Tobin’s personal business history includes senior corporate communications positions with major global corporations. He began his career as a journalist with the Palo Alto (CA) Times and later at the San Francisco  Chronicle.

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