Newly Unveiled Tale in American History!

By Christopher Madsen, Special for  USDR

August 15, 2015, marks the release date for Christopher Madsen’s historical biography Rowdy. Already the recipient of numerous literary awards, 5 star reviews and high profile endorsements, Rowdy is the story of Madsen’s six year undertaking to rebuild and bring back to life the famous sixty foot 1916 racing yacht for which the book is titled, and of the ensuing investigation into Rowdy’s colorful past. Madsen describes the uncovered tale as a “remarkable true life 1920’s adventure and love story which fully brings to life the era and flair of Gatsby and Hemmingway.” However, he states, “By contrast,Rowdy is completely true, historically significant, and meticulously documented in support of the  authenticity.”

The first big break in Madsen’s research came in 2002 when ninety-three-year-old Hanny, Holland Duell’s only surviving child, came aboard her father’s boat for the first time in 83 years, and from that moment forward, in Madsen’s words, “The fading memories of a most amazing cast of characters were slowly and magically brought back to life in a story which grew progressively, becoming more and more complex and sensational—at times to the point of  disbelief.”

In all, sixteen years of grueling research went into resurrecting this story. As Midwest Book Review stated, “The historical research and vintage history is simply extraordinary.” Following Madsen’s brief personal introduction in the beginning of the book, the main focus is on the incredible life journey of Holland Sackett Duell, decorated World War I major, celebrated New York state senator, powerful patent attorney and, of course, highly accomplished sailor. A descendant of the Bluest of Blue Blood, Duell’s lineage is notably linked to the arrival of the pilgrims, the American Revolution, the Civil War and high ranking political positions including association to numerous presidents. Far from being a dry narrative however, Madsen’s exhaustive research has allowed him to tell the story from an intimately personal perspective as Duell is immersed in the Great War, politics at the highest level, the birth ofHollywood, spirited sailing adventures, fortunes and mansions, and love affairs as well as scandalous  affairs.

As a side note, Rowdy is now berthed in Monaco, where, nearing her 100 year birthday, she has built a reputation as one of the most successful classic racing yachts ever in the history of the  Mediterranean.

The 468 page 8 ½ x 11 hard cover portrays the look and feel of worn, vintage leather, and is accented with gold leaf stamping, blind deboss, rounded spine with ribs (hubs) and a woven burgundy book mark. As Madsen describes it “an enjoyable complement to the old world feel in which the entire story is  told.”

Christopher Madsen lives with his family in Santa Barbara, California. He has been a boat owner continuously for the past 40 years and has logged hundreds of trips to the world famous Santa Barbara Channel Islands which lie 20 miles offshore. His six year renovation of Rowdy has been followed by an additional ten years of research in order to produce this book. Get to know Christopher on Facebook at 

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