Newt Gingrich Fights Back

By US Daily Review Staff.

With the high level of scrutiny each of the GOP candidates for president are getting from the media once they reach front runner status (with the possible exception of Mitt Romney), it is difficult to say what is the best way to respond.  Once a candidate becomes high in the polls, the media goes low in its antics to attack these politicians.  A great example is the latest — Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich’s organization problems early on and strong criticism of Republicans in the US House, had him largely discounted as a major candidate.  However, his consistently strong performances during the debate and his opponents’ tendency to flounder has made the former Speaker of the House the man to beat.  And the media is doing just that — beating Gingrich with every rumor and innuendo it can get its hands on.  While other candidates have passively answered media questions with as little detail as possible, Gingrich is attempting to make the attacks a non-issue by developing a web page that confronts questions about where he stands, and his personal life, head on.

The following is a list of issues Gingrich tackles on the site:

Ryan Medicare Plan – Health Insurance Mandate – Ethanol – Fairness Doctrine – Global Warming/Cap and Trade – Immigration/DREAM Act – Agriculture Subsidies – TARP – Zero-Based Budgeting in Foreign Aid/Inclusion of Israel – Libya – Vote for Department of Education – Consistent Pro-Life Record – Dede Scozzafava Endorsement – Government Shutdown

However, for the “inquiring minds out there,” Gingrich also gets into some personal and ethical issues that he has been attacked on: Ethics Investigation – Lobbying –Relationship with Freddie Mac – Personal Life.  The one that will catch the attention of many (if not most), is the “Personal Life” section.  This section boldly deals with some of the harshest criticisms the speaker has faced.  Here are thos issues and his responses in  detail:

Newt has been honest and forthright about the fact that he has had moments in his life that he regrets, that he has had to seek reconciliation, and go to God for forgiveness.

Today, Newt and Callista have a very strong marriage.  They produce movies, write books, and enjoy their time on the campaign trail together.  They are also blessed to be very close to their family.

Newt believes that by continuing to be honest and forthright about his past failings, voters will come to understand the man that he is now and conclude they can trust him to represent the American people in the White House. 

Furthermore, Newt welcomes the opportunity to clear up the many lies and misconceptions that persist about his past: 

Extramarital Affair During Clinton Impeachment 

The impeachment proceedings against President Clinton were due to the fact that the president committed perjury in front of a sitting federal judge, which is a felony.

Opponents often try to delegitimize Newt Gingrich by pointing out that he had admitted to having an extramarital affair during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.  What these accusers are ignoring is that the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton were due to the fact that the president committed perjury in front of a sitting federal judge, which is a felony.  As the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt felt that he had a duty to uphold the rule of law by pursuing impeachment.  He stands by that decision today.  

Asking Wife For Divorce While She Was In The Hospital Dying of Cancer

Newt’s daughter recently wrote a column to set the record straight about this smear. 

This story is a vicious lie.  It was first reported by a left wing magazine in the 1980s based on hearsay and has survived in left-wing chat rooms on the Internet until today.  It is completely false. 

Recently, Newt’s daughter, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, wrote a column to set the record straight about this smear.  The column reveals that 1) It was her mother that requested the divorce, not Newt, and it was months before the hospital visit in question; 2) Her mother was in the hospital to remove a tumor, but it was benign, and she is still alive today; 3) Newt visited the hospital for the purpose of taking his two children to see their mother, not to discuss a divorce.  You can read it here

This week US Daily Review Contributor Ed Farnan was on the Price of Business show to discuss the meteoric rise of Gingrich and his handling of various attacks with Host, Kevin Price (who is also the Publisher and Editor in Chief of US Daily Review).  Here is that interview in its entirety starting at 19.20.  Part 2 of that interview can be found 29.21.

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