Newt Gingrich for President?

by Candace Salima, contributor to US Daily Review

I am very active politically, as everyone knows. With my own radio show, political activity in my home state, and as a USDR columnist, I’ve been at this a long time. I remember Newt Gingrich when he was the Speaker of the House, and the great good accomplished during that time. I also remember the missteps, like not living up to the promise Congress made to Ronald Reagan if he would grant amnesty to the illegal aliens in America. In case you don’t remember that, Reagan kept his end of the bargain, and Congress welshed on their end. If you want proof of that, look to the war on our extremely porous southern border.

I also distinctly remember Speaker Gingrich being under unrelenting attacks by the left, as he and the Republican controlled house tried to bring America back to fiscal sanity. Yes, he was hit hard by them, and he hit hard back, until it was found out he was in the middle of an affair, and was a serial adulterer. This forced his resignation as Speaker of the House, and Gingrich’s political glory days were over until the 2012 Presidential Race.

This presidential race, on the Republican side, is a wild one. Although Mitt Romney has consistently remained in double digits, others numbers have soared, and plummeted in turn. Now it’s Newt Gingrich’s turn in the spotlight. With Herman Cain out of the race since the news of his alleged 13-year-affair with another woman hit the news, one wonders why Gingrich’s dalliances aren’t equal fodder for him to step down? After all, he cheated on his first wife with his second wife. Then he cheated on his second wife with his third wife. Add in all the quick dalliances, and you’ve got a man incapable of loyalty in the one relationship where it is a moral and ethical imperative.

Here’s what it boils down to for me. I’m tired of politicians who can’t even keep one covenant, the marriage covenant. I’m tired of politicians who play semantics with sexual games so they can lie and say, “I never slept with her.” I’m tired of politicians who look at the U.S. Constitution as a suggestion, rather than the rule of law.

I want a man or woman in the White House who has iron control of his or her passions. I don’t want them at the mercy of, pardon the blunt talk, their genitals. I want a man or woman of faith, conviction, strength and courage who will commit to the restoration of the U.S. Constitution as the rule of law in America. I want an American dripping with rugged individualism and the entrepreneurial spirit, with an ability to assess a problem, identify the solution, and then implement it. I want an American who will speak the truth to the American people. I want an American more concerned with saving America, than their next campaign. I want an American who understands the great sacrifices our military men and women make on their behalf.

In other words, I want a real American.

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