Newt Gingrich: Forgive Him then Forget Him

By Sarah Nelson EdD, US Daily Review Contributor

Newt gives an historical context to his answers in debates and interviews. His ‘big ideas’ have gained respect within the GOP. However, when it comes to his personal and professional history, Newt wishes he could re-write history. He asks the GOP to forgive him for the decisions he made in his 50’s and early 60’s and to judge him for the man he is at 68 years old while running for President. Independent minded voters are not persuaded that a man in his 50’s and 60’s is not wise enough to be held accountable for the choices he made as Speaker of the House and Lobbyist at K-Street. When Obama defines Newt Gingrich 2012, it will not be a story of forgiveness but a story of character, ethics, and bad judgment. A vote for Newt in the primary is a vote to re-elect Obama.

In 2007, Mrs. Obama asked voters if they wanted a leader like Hillary, who couldn’t run her household or Barack, who is a stable family man. This clear choice made it easy for voters to fall in love with Obama, the family man, and reject his opponent who had a questionable personal history. Compared to Newt, Hillary and Bill Clinton represent marital bliss.  When Mrs. Obama issues this clear choice to voters in 2012, the outcome will favor Obama. There is a difference between a divorced man who re-marries and a man who cheats on his wife while married as Newt did twice. Women contribute financially in 70% of the households and they will have a clear choice of a president based on character, and a clear choice of First Lady – Newt’s mistress turned third wife or Mrs. Obama. A vote for Newt in the primary is a vote to re-elect Obama.

Newt’s role as GOP leader will be easier to attack than defend. Obama will explain that Newt’s unethical leadership contributed to the problems he inherited and that the people who created this mess can’t be trusted to clean it up. Obama will ask voters to give him another term to clean up the mess Newt & the GOP created in the 1990’s. The details of Newt’s ethics investigation will become a central part of the 2012 election if he is nominated. The GOP can’t blame Obama for his failed policies when their nominee’s ethics are at best questionable at worst destructive. Newt’s leadership in the House of Congress will be put on trial making Obama the reasonable choice for president. A vote for Newt in the primary is a vote to re-elect Obama.

Nobody needs a Ph.D. in history to know that Freddie Mac contributed to the worst housing melt down in our generation. Freddie’s lavish $600,000 holiday party made headlines as home owners struggled to keep their homes. Many Americans have been affected by the housing crisis. Obama will explain how Newt-Freddie Mac ideas are historically wrong ideas and contributed to the housing crisis. Obama will contrast Newt-Freddie Mac ideas that hurt Main Street with his refinancing ideas that helped Main Street. Americans won’t elect a Lobbyist-in-chief who contributed to the housing crisis. A vote for Newt in the primary is a vote to re-elect Obama.

We know how well democrats can use race and history to divide Americans. Newt validates this argument and gives it fuel in a match up against Obama 2012. As Newt reminds Americans about American history, Obama will remind Americans how far we’ve come as a country toward a more perfect union (race relations) and that we can’t go back to the era of history that Newt prefers. Channeling Jeremiah Wright’s wrath, Obama will combine class warfare and race baiting to explain that electing Newt will be taking us backwards instead of moving us forward. Choosing Obama over an old white man with Newt’s questionable character is the right thing to do because we judge our leaders by the content of character not color of their skin.

Newt is a historian who is out of touch with the present and future. Newt’s slum-dog-millionaire belief that making poor nine year-olds work as janitors is okay reflects how things used to be in America and it’s not a past we want to emulate today. In defending this very archaic position, Newt explained that his idea offers poor children the same opportunity that middle class children get to work. I doubt that Newt knows any nine year old from a middle class family who works as a janitor. We reject a K-street lobbyists’ belief that child labor laws are a mistake. The mistake is thinking that Newt Gingrich represents our future or that he can defeat Barack Obama. We reject the idea that forgiveness means rewarding a man who lacks character with the presidency. We can’t afford another four years of Obama and a vote for Newt in the primary is a vote to re-elect Obama 2012.

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