Nootropics are Invading Workplaces and Empowering Professionals to be at the Top of Their Game Always

Universities were the first place to witness the spread of nootropics or smart drugs that have now become common among professionals too.  Nowadays, workplace performance is not just about hard work and sincerity but productivity. People must be more productive not only because their employers want more output but because it helps to make rapid career progress. The aim is self-development that automatically benefits employers. Therefore, do not be surprised to know that the best performer in your team is a nootropics fan and knows precisely which brain pill will work for him or her. Many nootropics are available in the form of supplements as well as prescription drugs, and it becomes a part of your daily routine. Before you go out to buy some brain supplement spend some time to look at the reviews of smart drugs by logging on to for right selection. 

From universities to workplaces 

The transition of smart drugs from University campuses to workplaces is not at all surprising because it is on record that 20% of Ivy League College students have already used nootropics during their academic years. Since the cream of the academia moves on into their professional lives, they carry with them the habit of using smart drugs. As they have already tasted success, it is only normal for them to extend the run and keep bettering for which they have no choice but depend on the brain and mood enhancing abilities of smart drugs. 

The pressure to perform is the same for students and professionals because no one can accept failure that can put them behind others. As studies and jobs become more demanding, one must be at his or her best to stay ahead of others for which it becomes necessary to depend on smart drugs. 

Professionals need it most 

It is not that everyone with a job would seek help from smart drugs because the pressure to perform is most on professionals who must prove their capabilities to beat their colleagues and compatriots. Perhaps this is the reason why lawyers, bankers, money managers, entrepreneurs, and others are more inclined to use nootropics. Modafinil, which is a narcolepsy drug that is available against prescription-only had become a favorite for entrepreneurs in 2008 as revealed in a study by TechCrunch. The same year, a poll conducted by Nature magazine among its readers showed that 20% of the respondents confirmed the use of cognitive enhancers.  

The efficacy of nootropics 

The debate about the ethics of using smart drugs that gives an unfair advantage to users is proof enough that the drugs are effective in cognitive enhancement in people who do not suffer from sleep deprivation. Moreover, studies conducted by researchers at Oxford and Harvard Medical School corroborate the fact. The drug has a positive effect on learning and creativity and improves the ability to make decisions and plan well. 

The prospects of using smart drugs at workplace get a boost with the US military already conducting experiments with Modafinil and trials for its controlled use for Indian Airforce pilots are also underway.  


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