Obama Accused of Declaring a War on Rule of Law by Social Conservative Group


The same sex marriage issue has been like a tennis ball, bouncing back and forth based on political forces.  The Supreme Court supported state law, and now the Obama Administration says that doesn’t matter. Social conservatives are weighing in.

Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins released the following statement in response to the announcement by the Obama administration that it will ignore Utah’s marriage law and recognize same-sex “marriages” performed prior to the U.S. Supreme Court stay:

“The Obama administration’s decision today is an effort to make law in the breach and shows contempt for the states, the federal courts, and Congress. It only adds to the administrative chaos by flouting Utah’s marriage law and is in contrast to the U.S. Supreme Court’s cautious approach in granting a stay in the case. The Department of Justice’s announcement is doing the very thing which the Supreme Court condemned in the U.S. vs. Windsor decision – ‘creating two contradictory marriage regimes within the same State.’

“The administrative chaos in determining martial status is why Family Research Council, just yesterday, endorsed the State Marriage Defense Act. The State Marriage Defense Act requires the federal government to determine marital status based on the state law in which a couple resides. This serves to protect state definitions of marriage against what the Court called efforts ‘to put a thumb on the scales and influence a state’s decision as to how to shape its own marriage laws,'” concluded Perkins.

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