Obama Energy Policy Offends Everyone

By Bipartisan Policy Center, Special for   USDR

BPC President Jason Grumet made the following statement on the release of the final Clean Power  Plan:

“The final Clean Power rule has something for everyone. In the polarized climate debate, this means most everyone can find something to be upset about. In the final rule, the administration is struggling to reconcile a long list of substantive tensions and conflicting political demands. EPA gamely argues that the final package is at once more flexible, stringent, cautious and transformational than the initial  proposal.

“States are encouraged to embrace extended planning deadlines and greater latitude to pursue regional solutions. Environmental advocates are directed to focus on increased overall reductions and enhanced incentives for renewable power. Electric generators are reassured with a new reliability ‘safety-valve,’ additional credits for nuclear power and less aggressive near-term targets. The natural gas industry is expected to overlook modest deprivations, since no one likes a sore winner. Coal is offered the cold comfort that it could have been worse, and the international community is captivated by the president’s vigorous commitment leading up to the negotiations in Paris this  winter.

“Despite EPA’s effort to reconcile these competing desires, the climate debate will remain highly polarized and EPA’s final decisions will undoubtedly leave many  unsatisfied.”

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