Obama is Closing the SBA?

By ASBL, Special for  USDR.

To date it has gone unreported in the mainstream media that President Obama’s 2016 Budget proposal to combine the Small Business Administration ( ) and the Department of Commerce is a mirror image of Ronald Reagan’s plan to permanently close the SBA and bring an end to all federal programs to assist the nation’s 28 million small  businesses.

When Ronald Reagan tried to close the SBA it created an uproar that was reported on national  television.

American Small Business League President Lloyd Chapman first predicted President Obama would attempt to permanently close the SBA using Reagan’s plan in November of  2008.

Chapman also believes former Defense Intelligent Agency Public Relations Officer, Terry Sutherland, was “assigned” to quietly take over the SBA Press Office with the express purpose of blocking any media coverage of the plan to shutter the  SBA.

President Obama’s first attempt to close the SBA came in January of 2012 when he announced plans to combine the SBA with the Department of Commerce. Chapman launched a national media campaign to bring attention to the issue and released a barrage of blogs and press releases on the  issue.

Chapman appeared on Fox News and international news network RTTV to sound the alarm on President Obama’s intention to close the SBA. Several journalists agreed with Chapman that the plan to combine the SBA and Commerce Department was actuality a plan to close the  SBA.

A 2014 article in Forbes stated, “I agree with Lloyd Chapman, head of the American Small Business League, when he warns that this is just another attempt to shutter one of the only government agencies in place to help the nation’s nearly 30 million small  businesses.”

President Obama claims closing the SBA will “streamline the government.”  Chapman has pointed out the SBA’s budget is just .0001% of the total federal budget and closing the SBA would have a statistically undetectable impact of the overall cost of  government.

It has been widely reported trillions of dollars are unaccounted for at the Pentagon. Chapman believes addressing those significant financial abuses would be a much more effective means to streamline government spending than closing the tiny  SBA.

Chapman contends President Obama’s true motivation to shutter the SBA is to cover up the rampant fraud and abuse that has been uncovered at the SBA in a series of federal investigations. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, and RTTV have all reported on the fraud and abuse at the  SBA.

Every year of the Obama Administration the SBA Inspector General has named the diversion of federal small business contracts to large businesses as the agency’s number one  problem.

The House Small Business Committee has requested an investigation into fraud in federal small business contracting programs based on research done by Chapman’s  ASBL.

Chapman has begun filming a documentary on his efforts to save the SBA and its  programs.

SOURCE American Small Business  League

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