Obama, ISIS, and His Disconnection from Reality

By April Dye, Contributor,  USDR

I have no words. Okay, yes I have words. What in God’s name is wrong with this White House? How in the world can they say, with a straight face that people would quit joining ISIS if they had jobs? Yes, Marie Harf said that exact thing on MSNBC’s Hard  Ball.

These are not disillusioned youths who are upset because they can’t find jobs. These are men who think it is their responsibility to kill in the name of Allah, to bring about its own apocalypse. These are people who have no regard for life, whether it be their own, others or even children. They feel it is glorious to die or kill someone or send their children to die for their  beliefs.

How misinformed and naïve are these people who think that these ISIS murderers need to be defended. That we need to empathize with them or make excuses for them. To make a moral equivalency between them and past of actions of Christians (who by the way were retaliating against the atrocities of  Muslims).

Here is a difference between “Christian Killers” and Muslim terrorists, you never hear of a group of Christians who go out and slaughter people and call out “for Jesus” or “In the Name of Jesus.” When Muslim terrorists kill a group of people they do yell out “Allahu Akbar” (God is  Good).

Christians will condemn those who kill – especially if they are thought to be Christians. Jesus told us to “turn the other cheek” to “love others as we love ourselves” to “repent and be saved.” Muslims will try and differentiate and try to persuade us that these are not really Muslims and then come up with justifications such as “because of us going over there they hate us …” If they believe in and follow Sharia law these killings are  justified.

Another difference, Jesus never said to kill anyone who did not choose Him, who sinned, or who left Christianity. Mohammad told his people to do those exact things-there is text in the Koran. They treat women as slaves, they kill those who they feel make immoral choices whether it be homosexuals, those accused of adultery (they don’t even need proof) smoking and drinking, non-Muslims, other Muslims who they feel are not truly following the Koran. These are not people who negotiate. These are people who think that they are the answer to  prophecy.

Why are we standing by and watching this happen? It brings out memories of Hitler and how the world stood by as they slaughtered the Jews. We swore never again and yet here we are. We do nothing in the face of terror; the face of Hamas, Boko Haram, Al Queda, the Taliban, or ISIS. We play politics with the lives of the Jewish people in Israel by negotiating with Iran – who has vowed to wipe them and us off the face of the  planet.

I know my Facebook friends probably get tired of my posts. They think I am too political. But seriously, I have two points. Some people have their heads in the sand and either chose to ignore what is going on or just don’t pay attention. I post these things to bring it to their attention to make them aware. To those who call themselves Christians, I ask how do you know what to pray for if you have no idea what is going on? That is the ultimate self-centeredness. But if we can do nothing else – we can pray. I pray for those poor people who are in that region, whose lives are at risk every day, Christian and non-Christian alike. I also pray for the souls of the terrorists. They are so deceived. As the Bible tells us we are not fighting against flesh and blood (people) but against the rulers and power of the air (Satan – evil). And it is evil. You have to be evil to burn someone alive, to parade people out with their hands bound and severe their heads, to crucify and put people’s heads on poles in the town square, to bury children alive, to throw stones at someone till they die, to throw people off of tall buildings to their deaths. I have watched some videos. I think everyone should watch at least one. Why? So you will not be desensitized to it. So you can see the true horror of what is going on. So you can see that there is evil, it is real, and it is  here.

Second, none of this has anything to do with politics. This should not be looked at through that prism (even though for a lot of people it is). This is about life and people who have no regard for it. This is about animals who kill without regret, without empathy, without acknowledgment that we are all humans and life is  precious.

Think on this: Their God and Muhammad tells them to kill and be killed for Him. For those of us with a Christian worldview, Jesus died for  us.

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