Obama Paving the Way for Apocalyptic Ayatollahs

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By Lowell Ponte, Special for  USDR


On the aircraft voice recorder, one reportedly can hear the screams of passengers seconds before their German wings airliner crashed into the French alps, killing at least 149  onboard.

French authorities speculated that co-pilot Andres Lubitz appears to have locked the pilot out of the cockpit, disabled key security devices, and reprogrammed the airplane’s autopilot to descend from its cruising altitude of 38,000 feet to only 96 feet in a smooth eight-minute fall to its  doom.

Lubitz reportedly said nothing and breathed calmly while air traffic controllers sent warnings and the pilot frantically pounded to no avail on the cockpit’s skyjacker-proof  door.

What must it have felt like to be a passenger recognizing that you were about to be torn to pieces by hitting a mountain at 400 miles per hour because some crazy (or unimaginably incompetent) pilot had seized control of your  life?


Now imagine a purely hypothetical situation in which a lunatic, with the help of comrades who control the “watchdog” media, is enabled to conceal his bizarre background of radical associations and activism. This camouflaged stealth candidate bamboozles Americans into electing him  President.

Imagine that he is now at the controls piloting our  country.

The U.S. Constitution was designed to have many safeguards to prevent any one politician from governing like a new King George III. As our founding document makes clear, Congres

The President, as explained later in Article II, may be Commander-in-Chief of the military – but this Chief Executive has no authority to impose taxes, authorize spending, ratify treaties or declare war. These are powers reserved to the  Congress.

Yet from his first days in the White House, this new President’s locked his constitutional co-pilot, Congress, out of the cockpit – even when the legislature was controlled by members of his own  party.

The new President demands that everything be done his way and refuses to engage in the traditional give and take and compromise of a representative democratic  republic.

As his popularity plummets, and voters put the party opposing him in control of the House of Representatives and then the U.S. Senate, this President boasts that he will govern by Executive Orders and  decrees.

When federal judges strike down his decrees, and when Congress subpoenas documents that might incriminate him, the President defies these other co-equal branches of government and commands Executive Branch employees to carry out his  policies.

Even as the President’s left-of-center media allies continued to slant news coverage in his favor, among themselves journalists acknowledged that by spying on them, concealing what should be public information, stifling open debate, and taking political control of the Internet, this President was becoming the greatest enemy of the free press in American  history.


On September 11, 2001, pilots and passengers acquiesced when Muslim skyjackers seized control of several airliners. The assumption that day was that these crazies would simply skyjack the airplanes to Cuba – which would then for a suitable ransom send the aircraft and passengers unharmed back to the  U.S.

As word got out that America’s President was a radical leftist, media allies at first smiled that through socialized medicine and a hundred other schemes he was merely flying America to Cuba – taking us at gunpoint into a more leftist regime. That he was doing this in violation of the Constitution did not much bother Progressives. Their noble leftist ends justified such  means.

But listen closely and you can hear the same panic, on the verge of screams, in America that happened on the doomed Germanwing  airliner.

Even left-liberals are beginning to see the nightmare truth: This president is not skyjacking us to Cuba any more than the 9-11 terrorists  were.

This radicalized megalomaniac is deliberately crashing the airship we call America, bent on destroying the nation the Left has always  hated.

This President has become our own Caligula, the mentally-ill dictator who nearly crashed the Roman  Empire.

Literally hundreds of actions provide evidence of this President’s lunacy, but consider just a  few.

Imagine a President eager to confiscate even .22 caliber rifles from law-abiding Americans, despite their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, yet who has rushed to provide military-style weapons to Mexican drug gangs and a path to atomic weapons to the apocalyptic Ayatollahs of Iran who see launching a nuclear war and nuclear terrorism as how they can bring the coming of their prophesied Mahdi and the global triumph of  Islam.

Imagine a President eager to topple the pro-American governments of allies such as Israel and Egypt. Imagine that when the Islamist Egyptian Brotherhood grabs power in Egypt, this President rushes to offer them our best military jets, then withdraws the offer when the pro-American Egyptian military removes these fanatics from  power.

Imagine this President using our jets as the Iranian Air Force, helping 20,000 elite Iranian troops complete their Anschluss-like permanent takeover of majority-Shiite Iraq, a policy that could push our allies Israel and Saudi Arabia to the brink of  extinction.

This President’s agreement to facilitate Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons will not be presented to the U.S. Senate for ratification, as the Constitution requires treaties to be. It reportedly will be presented instead to the United Nations Security Council for approval and  implementation.

Iran reportedly may refuse to sign any agreement text; this does not matter, because Iran’s Shiite theology permits lying and making false treaties to advance the cause of Islam. This President will do nothing – no sanctions and certainly no attack – to prevent Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorists, from acquiring nuclear weapons, even if it violates all  agreements.

Imagine a President who releases classified data about Israel’s secret nuclear program, apparently either to justify Iran acquiring such weapons, or to demand that Israel give up its nuclear arsenal that is the Jewish State’s equalizer to deter larger nearby  enemies.


Imagine a President anti-American enough to gerrymander and stretch America’s southern border to bring in millions of voters from Mexico and Central America. His apparent reason: to win a class war against capitalism by importing the kind of leftist proletariat that has never grown naturally in opportunity-rich American soil.

Imagine a President who orders his law-enforcement officers to stop enforcing immigration laws, and unilaterally grants de facto citizenship to five million or more illegal immigrants without congressional authorization.
He also gives them work permits when 92 million working-age Americans have no jobs, and fewer native-born Americans have jobs than did in  2007.

This President has put America politically and economically into an autopilot death  spiral.

No wonder that disillusioned allies see America as a falling, disintegrating power in the world – and other, more dependable powers rising. As one diplomat observed, under this President “it has become more dangerous to be America’s friend than to be its enemy.”  And many successful parents now believe you should “teach your children Spanish and your grandchildren Chinese” because America is going into  eclipse.

No wonder that jobs and money are parachuting in record amounts to escape a skyjacked America crazy enough to elect someone bent on destroying our rights and freedoms, including free market capitalism, prosperity and private  property.

This imaginary President’s popularity has just plummeted to below 37 percent, scarcely a third of Americans. If he crashes politically before our country does, we might be able to recapture the cockpit, turn off the doomsday autopilot he set, and save America from  destruction.

For this to happen, Americans have to open their eyes, face reality, and start screaming the truth while this is still  permitted.

If we fail to restore sane limited government and honest solid money, your children will see the West destroyed and a new Dark Age of nuclear terrorism and permanent Depression descend over the world.  This nightmare now risks becoming  real.

The views in this column are solely those of Lowell Ponte, a former think tank futurist and former Roving Editor of Reader’s Digest Magazine. He is author or co-author of six widely-read books, and has been a guest on The Today Show, Good Morning America, David Letterman and other shows.
His articles have appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other  publications.


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