Obama Seeks to Unilaterally Raise Taxes for Program that Has $5 Billion of Unused Funds


The  Obama administration wants to unilaterally raise taxes on phone bills nationwide, bypassing Congress.  As White House Spokesman Josh Earnest put it: “Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a lot of action in Congress, so the President has advocated an administrative, unilateral action to get this done.  We’re not going to wait for Congress to act.”
The increased tax would go to a government-run program called E-Rate, which was ostensibly designed to connect low-income schools to high-speed Internet. Schools applying for E-Rate subsidies run into a number of barriers that lead to delays in distributing funds and connecting schools.  Delays date back to 2010 for initial requests and 2003 for appeals. Students attending a school when the application was first submitted may never benefit from high-speed Internet access.
Because of the cumbersome application process for these subsidies, there is over $5 billion sitting in the E-Rate account collected through American tax dollars and not used.

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