Obama’s Clemency Favors Drug Offenders and Unfairly Excludes White-Collar Fraudsters

By Steve Comisar, Special for  USDR

The exclusive Presidential power of clemency has historically been used to grant harshly sentenced inmates an early release from federal prison. According to imprisoned actor Steve Comisar, President Obama is unfairly using his power to grant clemency to mostly African American drug offenders, while leaving out nearly everyone  else.

Comisar says, “While many black drug dealers have been overly punished, so have white, non-drug related offenders. Out of the hundreds of sentences that Obama has already commuted, none have been for fraud, and only a few have gone to Caucasians. This is totally unfair and  biased.”

Steve Comisar is currently the most famous inmate in federal prison. He is an actor, author, television personality, and national fraud prevention expert. Since a very young age, Comisar had countless roles in movies, TV shows and commercials. Because he is a notable person, the judge made an example out of him and handed down a 16-year prison sentence. The normal defendant would have received less than 5  years.

Comisar, a white, fraud offender, was harshly sentenced, yet his petition for clemency filed over 2 years ago has been in limbo. Comisar and others like him should also be granted clemency. While Obama’s final term in office is almost over, he still has time to give early releases to a more diverse group of offenders. Unfortunately for Comisar, he has already served 90 percent of his sentence. Bob Zauzmer is the acting U.S. Pardon Attorney, processing Comisar’s clemency petition for President  Obama.

SOURCE Steve  Comisar

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