Obama's Distraction Plan to Make Us All Hopeless and Dependent on the Government

By Wayne Allyn Root Special for USDR

This April 26, 2013, photo shows a billboard in Greeley, Colo. in which images of Native Americans are used to make a gun rights argument. The two billboards are causing a stir with some residents who say the image is offensive and insensitive. Credit: AP

Saul Alinsky taught President Barack Obama and his socialist cabal to distract the masses.

It is therefore telling how Obama has made a big deal about the name of the Washington Redskins. My blue-collar, common-sense butcher father taught me not to worry about words.

“The measure of a man is not what he says… it’s what he does,” he said.

That’s important because while Obama distracts us with the phony issue of a name he claims denigrates Native Americans, he puts in place policies that will replicate the tragic Native American experience. It appears Obama is trying to turn us all into “Redskins.”

My new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class” exposes how Obama is destroying America and our greatest asset, the middle class, from within. It is not happening by accident, mistake, or coincidence. This is a purposeful plan; a carbon copy of what the federal government did to Native Americans.

This isn’t about physical murder. It’s much worse. It’s the murder of spirit, work ethic, ambition, personal responsibility, opportunity, mobility and hope. Those are the very qualities that produced the greatest and richest middle class in world history and made America the greatest nation on Earth.

Physical murder is fast and final. The murder of spirit and ambition is a slow, agonizing death.

The best way to explain what Obama is doing to the middle class is to look back on the Native American experience. History repeats itself.

American Indians were a proud, brave, self-reliant people until they were conquered by the United States military. While atrocities were undoubtedly committed by both sides, America’s goal was not genocide, it was to take control of the Native Americans.


We herded them onto reservations and promised to take care of them. They’d never have a need to hunt again so we took away their weapons. Of course, without weapons they could never again challenge anything their benevolent government did to them.

We gave them “free” land, “free” food, “free” medical care, “free” schooling and “free”money. They’d never again have to provide for themselves. It may sound like paradise, it was not.

It was a deal with the devil.

Native Americans paid a huge price for those “free” things. With the U.S. government “taking care of them,” they forgot how to take care of themselves.

These great fighters forgot how to fight. These great hunters forgot how to hunt. A proud people lost ambition and hope to change their station in life. The result has been generations living in abject poverty and misery, dying of alcoholism, suicide, liver disease, and their children suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome.

This tragedy isn’t temporary or short term. And 100 years later, it continues to get worse. According to the Indian Health Services, the rate of alcoholism today among Native Americans is SIX TIMES the U.S. average and 12 percent of the deaths of Native Americans are alcohol related. Fetal alcohol disorder is SEVEN TIMES the national average.

Suicide is an epidemic among Native American teens, more than TRIPLE the rate of other young Americans. At some Indian reservations, teen suicide is nine to 19 times higher than among other youth.

The Washington Post reported on the national emergency this past March, describing the toxic problems experienced still by Native Americans – poverty, unemployment, domestic violence, sexual assault, alcoholism, drug addiction. The Post said the base of it all is “crushing hopelessness,” describing their rate of post-traumatic stress disorder as rival to “the rates of returning veterans from Afghanistan.”

Why are Native Americans in such crisis? Isn’t the federal government “taking care of them?”

Ah, there’s the answer: The government. The same government that “provides” for you also takes away your hope, self-respect, work ethic and ambition. Ah, those pesky unintended consequences.

By “providing for them,” the government took away the Native Americans’ ability to provide for themselves.

The murder of the middle class going on today under Obama is leading to a similar tragedy. It is being perpetrated by the same federal government who brought you the destruction of Native Americans. The same government that “provided for the every need” of Native Americans now wants to provide for your every need from cradle to grave.

They offer “free” money (welfare), “free” food (food stamps), a salary without working (unemployment and disability), “free” medical care (Obamacare), “free” housing (housing allowances), “free” meals at school, “free” phones (Obamaphones), even “free” contraception.

But there is a cost for “free.” The cost is your soul, your spirit, your ambition, your achievement, your life. Government is a vampire that sucks the very blood out of your body.

This Obama government wants you helpless, hopeless, clueless, desperate, despondent, and dependent – just like Native Americans. Do you recognize the results?

These shocking results sound frighteningly similar to the Native American experience. This is the murder of the middle class.

Actions speak louder than words. It sure seems Obama is trying to introduce us all to the “Native American Experience.”

So let’s stop worrying about the name “Redskins.” That’s a classic Saul Alinsky distraction. Instead, let’s put the focus on the really bad word…

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