Obama’s “Fast and Furious” Nightmare Will Not Go Away

By the Price of Business, US Daily Review’s Radio Partner.

Holder's days as Attorney General could be numbered.

“Fast and Furious” reminds most of the action movie with many of Hollywood’s leading men.  But the story that is unfolding in Washington, DC is more in the horror genre for the Obama administration as its power and credibility is chipped away by every new headline and increasing demands for the resignation of his embattled Attorney General, Eric Holder.  “Fast and Furious” is the controversial policy of Obama’s Justice Department that led to thousands of guns falling into the hands of Mexican gangs and leading to the death of (at least) two US Border Patrol Agents and untold numbers of Mexican citizens.  Described by many as an act of war against Mexico, if the stories related to this situation prove true, it could be the biggest scandal in the history of the White House.

The Price of Business Show (M-F at 8 PM CST) was one of the first to break the “Fast and Furious” and it has had periodical reports from Larry Pratt, of Gun Owners of America, which has become the leading watchdog on this story.  This is the latest interview between Kevin Price and Pratt regarding this most disturbing story.

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