One Bad Hire Ends 150 Lives

By Michelle Seiler-Tucker, Special for  USDR

Following the aftermath of the fated German airlines tragedy, I can’t help but re-inforce how crucial it is for business owners to asses and thoroughly investigate all potential employees they look into hiring. How did such an esteemed airline, such as Germanwings, miss such a huge warming sign that their pilot, Andreas Lubitz, was unfit and unstable to hold such an employment position? When an employee reviews the credentials of a potential hire, they must first determine that the employee is more likely to be a benefit rather than a detriment to their establishment. The judgement utilized by Germanwings was not thorough enough. It is not enough to go upon intuition in today’s age, but to collect data and background information on a person that can be used to better predict how they would be as a worker in a prospective employment position. It did not take long for the media to dig out Lubitz’s dark, demon-riddled  past.

While there is still no concrete motive, Lubitz suffered from suicidal tendencies at some point before his aviation career. However, I cannot quite call what he did a suicide, since he took 150 other people’s lives with him. As a successful businesswoman, I must constantly weigh and measure my decisions. Some are more important than others, but I must stress that the most important decisions I have made thus far are my choices on who I employ. Of course I am not perfect and have made my fair share of mistakes in human judgement, but no one has pulled the same trick on my twice. I hope that this devastating lapse in Germanwings human resources department can prove as an example and useful lesson that the world may learn from so they such a thing never happens   again.

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