One Giant Step for Environmentalists. One Giant Step Back for Man

By Ed Farnan, USDR Contributor

Besides the assault on our lifestyles by the social the engineering efforts of such government organizations like EPA and Department of Energy,  there is yet another, under the radar assault occurring.   This new assault against our lifestyle is being accomplished by environmental organizations with high-sounding names. Their aim is to destroy many of our nation’s dams. This effort is being heralded under the noble banner of “environmental restoration” and “saving endangered species”.  If this keeps up human beings are going to be at the top of the endangered species list.

According to statistics, 241 dams have been demolished in theUnited Statesbetween 2006 and 2010. But the recent destruction of Washingtons Elwah Dam, brought to sharp focus just what this is going to mean to us.  The Elwah dam was the largest dam removal project inU.S.history.  Not only was Elwah a long standing dam for flood control and water storage, it was a producer of pure “green energy,” something environmentalist worship.  What is going to take up that power generating slack?

Environmentalists also have their sites set on many other hydro electric and flood control dams in the west, including the great Hetch Hetchy dam inYosemite. Hetch Hetchy supplies much of theSan Franciscoarea with it’s drinking water as well as producing green energy from it’s hydro electric turbines.  Losing this water source for the bay area would be disastrous for the population, yet the environmentalists persist in chipping away with lawsuits and challenges in their desire to topple Hetch Hetchy.

The Klamath River dam system has been the target of environmental lawsuits, the aim of these suits is to destroy the dams that helped tame this river.  The fourKlamath Riverdams generate enough electricity to power 70,000 homes.  What will replace this source of clean power generation? The Demolition date for these valuable dams is set for 2020.

These water projects and dams were built for a reason. They stopped flooding, provided year around sources of water for us and produced massive amounts of clean cheap energy to fuel our growth and light our homes.

Instead of destroying these expensive infrastructure projects, why not modernize and refit them to make them seismically safe and much more capable of producing energy?  It makes sense forAmericaand Americans to take advantage of these gifts our forefathers and nature gave us, rather than destroy them.

An excellent synopsis on the details of why our dams are being destroyed is in this article in Morphcity:

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