Our Next President Must Address These 5 Priorities

By NEMA, Special for  USDR

An open letter published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) in the October issue of electroindustry magazine urges the next President and 115th Congress to focus on economic growth by embracing five key  priorities:

  • Energy efficiency and electricity use
  • Grid reliability
  • Regulations and trade
  • Job creation
  • Healthcare access and affordability

“We are speaking on behalf of the electrical and medical imaging manufacturers, innovators, job creators, and voters who envision a modern electrical infrastructure and affordable, reliable health programs,” said NEMA President and CEO Kevin J. Cosgriff.  “We believe that energy efficiency, a modernized and secure grid, reasonable regulations, a future-focused workforce, increased access to life-improving medical imaging technology—all the while respecting the natural environment—will be essential ingredients of any successful body of work over the coming years.”

According to Cosgriff, the priorities listed in the NEMA letter will be essential elements of a successful economic  agenda.

The open letter to the next President and members of Congress is posted in NEMA’s online 2016 Election  Kit.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association represents nearly 400 electrical, medical imaging, and radiation therapy manufacturers on the forefront of electrical safety, reliability, resilience, efficiency, and energy security. Our combined industries account for more than 400,000 American jobs and more than 7,000 facilities across the United States. Domestic production exceeds$117 billion per  year.

SOURCE National Electrical Manufacturers  Association

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