Outdoor Plants Seen Clearly With Special Outdoor Glasses

Have you ever seen anyone tending their garden plants with sunglasses on? No? Well, there’s a reason for that and it’s because normally sunglasses don’t allow you to see the exact condition of your plants because of the shading they provide. Outdoor glasses, however, are very different.

In normal circumstances, sunglasses are ok for general use – so long as you don’t have to gauge color or the detailed condition of anything you’re looking at. They might provide you with UV protection, but they’re too dark to properly see what you’re doing when dealing with the subtle color changes that indicate a plant’s health or lack of it.

So, How Do Outdoor Glasses & Sunglasses Differ?

Ok, so the glasses that we’re talking about are currently only available from one supplier in the US, but they’re groundbreaking in that they offer increased visibility whilst also protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. They look very much like common or garden sunglasses, but what they do for gardeners is something of a game changer.

The biggest issue with using sunglasses when tending plants is that everything’s darker, but that’s not all. They also tend to filter out far too much green and red light out of the spectrum, which severely limits a person’s ability to accurately detect plant issues like mineral deficiencies, pests and flowering.

Not Wearing Anything Isn’t an Option

It’s widely-known that not having eye protection when you’re out in the sun is not advisable and when you have to take your sunglasses off to see properly when you’re tending your plants, you end up squinting – and we all know what that feels like – uncomfortable. Do this for long enough and you’ll end up with headaches and painful eyes.

These new outdoor glasses prevent the wearer having to squint or indeed having to take them off to see what they’re doing. It’s an altogether more comfortable experience.

Get Some and Provide Your Eyes With Some TLC

Outdoor glasses for growing are a new concept and as we said earlier, they’re currently only available from one supplier, but if you can get your hands on some, you’ll enjoy a level of comfort that other options simply don’t offer.

Gardening is such a peaceful and calming pastime that you don’t want it to be interrupted continuously with having to change glasses or put yourself through the discomfort that comes from exposing your eyes in direct sunlight. These news glasses are groundbreaking in that they are the first of their type in the world and they make the whole gardening experience more comfortable.

Those that grow plants in special grow rooms are protected from the rays that come from LED lights, so it stands to reason that you should have the same kind of protection when working under the brightest light of them all – the sun!

Now you can, thanks to this new advancement in technology and it’s just a matter of buying a pair and seeing for yourself.

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