Pastor Chris And Pastor Benny Saturate the Airwaves with Global Prayers to Halt the Ravages of the Coronavirus

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn invited a global community of Christians to pray alongside them for the safety of nations amidst the ongoing global coronavirus crisis.

Three billion people tuned in to hear words of encouragement and support from the esteemed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn. The pastors attempted to assuage the fears and offer comfort to millions of people isolated by governmental restrictions on travel and movement.

The evangelical leaders offered their cooperation and support to governments in their efforts to deal with the virus, demonstrating a unity of purpose in efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19. By bringing the global community together to pray, they hope to inspire faith and initiate what is likely to be a lengthy process of healing.

Unique act of global unity

Pastor Chris reminded the participants that this virus is spreading at an alarming rate throughout the globe and that we must pray for our safety and salvation against this invisible enemy. The Christian community was called upon to take the shield of faith to conquer the devil-inspired fears that are circulating at this hour.

Focus on praying for countries affected by the coronavirus

Listening to the news and reports of the global crisis can inspire fear in many. With 406 television outlets broadcasting these global prayers in 95 countries, this Global Prayer Service interceded at the right time. The inspirational prayers were heard by three billion believers.

Some of the three billion people who participated tuned in via radio networks. There were an astonishing 472 radio stations broadcasting the prayers of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as he spoke from a studio in Lagos, Nigeria and Pastor Benny Hinn who joined from Orlando, Florida. They were heard in the homes of 189 countries and those prayers rang out for all to hear.

In total, people in 247 different nations got on their knees and prayed alongside Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny, demonstrating that together faith can inspire and provide needed solace. The effects of this virus are not just that it makes you ill and can be potentially life-threatening, it can have a destructive effect on one’s spirit.

Only God’s Word brings faith

Pastor Chris reminded listeners that praying in the spirit is vital at this time. When you pray in the spirit, you can follow with prayers seated in understanding.

The most important part of this panorama is that many Christians of different denominations came together to participate in this phenomenal prayer event. During this time of uncertainty, it is vital to unite to block out the negative messages that are circulating.

This unprecedented event spanned multiple media platforms and brought together believers in faith from many different nations and sects. For many, faith has become a beacon of strength as governments and healthcare systems grapple with the destructive reality of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Through his prayers, Pastor Chris has provided a platform to remind Christians that faith and hope can nourish one’s soul, even in the face of adversity.

Pastor Benny Hinn connecting us in prayer from the USA

Pastor Benny Hinn prayed alongside his wife that by Easter something will happen. He praised God who took his people out of Egypt and kept his covenants. He called upon God to display his power again in the name of Jesus.

In praying for the nations, Pastor Chris has taken the interest of the global community to heart and, in doing so, asked the people to transcend man’s natural selfishness.  He acknowledged our political leaders’ efforts trying to protect their citizens, offering prayers for their strength and steadfastness in the continued battle against the disease. He reminded listeners that there is truth in the Word and that God has a plan for the world.

“We are going to speak words of faith through the power of the Holy Ghost.”

Pastor Chris looked at the map of the nations and urged the three billion participants to intercede on behalf of the nations. COVID-19 has brought anguish and misery to many across the globe. While many are united in their suffering, Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny led prayers to unite the citizens of the world in faith and deliverance from pain.

Pastor Chris prays in the spirit

Repeated prayer in the name of Jesus

This epochal event has inspired a continuation of prayer that invites Christians from around the world to participate. Pastor Chris has initiated a weeklong prayer chain and fast. This will allow the global Christian family to join together and unite their voices to combat the suffering caused by the coronavirus. To register your participation in this prayer chain, kindly click on the link here. You will be able indicate which 15-minute slot you will be concentrating your prayers to help fight the negative effects of the coronavirus.

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