Pet Owners: What to Know About Pet Transportation

Owning a pet is a joy. It’s also a huge responsibility. Pets are members of the family. As such, they deserve the same consideration as everyone else in your household. There are times when people may need to travel with their pets in tow. An owner may be making a move to a brand new house. The owner may be visiting friends and want to bring along the dog for a chance to enjoy that friend’s backyard. Transporting a pet requires a great deal of attention to detail. Pet owners need to think about the factors that will impact the pet before they begin, during transit, at the place and when coming home. This is why it is essential to take the time to understand the owner’s pet transport options as well as what preparations need to be made before taking them to a new destination.

Planning a Move

Moving is common. In any given year, millions of Americans move to a brand new space. Part of the process of moving means making sure that the pets that come along for the ride are safe and protected as it goes along. An effective moving process will take this into account. All owners need to make advanced preparations for their pets. Someone might decide it makes sense to bring their dog to the new space on their own as another member of the family supervises the pet directly. Many movers also have special arrangements just for the pet. This can include a large cage that the owner can rent for the pet to stay inside the moving van. It may also include other options that serve the pet’s needs to stay secure. Speak to the mover at least a week before starting the move with a pet.

Car Travel

Car travel is another common means of transport in the United States. Cars are easy to drive and allow for maximum flexibility. At the same time, while in the car, pets often need special attention. The pet should not be free to roam around while in transit. Doing so can create potentially dangerous conditions for the human passengers. Pet owners should keep in mind there are rules and regulations that govern the transport of their pet. For example, dogs can easily overheat even on a relatively cool day. This can lead to all sorts of problems including the possibility of dying. The owner should make sure the car is well ventilated and not too hot. Many states also require the owner to ensure the pet is safely secured. If you are transporting multiple pets at the same time, each animal should be safe in the car. If you are driving under conditions the state considers unsafe with your pet, you can be pulled over and fined. The best thing to do is provide a safe space for every pet such as a cage for cats and harnesses for your dogs that keep them securely fastened as you travel.

Air Travel

Air travel is a useful way to get across long distances. However, air travel can be quite complicated for all pet owners. Each airline may have differing regulations about what is required to bring your beloved animal companion on vacation or to a new home entirely. Bear in mind you will probably have to bring official documentation from a vet showing the animal can fly safely. This needs to be done well before you arrive at the airport. You can bring your pet with you in one of three ways. You can bring them in the cabin with you. You can also have them fly with you as checked baggage or manifest cargo. Speak closely with the airline about your pet’s highly specific requirements before you purchase tickets. They’ll tell you exactly what you need to do before you buy a ticket and get on the flight.

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