Plea for Help for Hurricane Harvey Victims in Texas

The state of Texas has been pounded by a storm that is being described as a “500 Year Flood” and is, arguably, the worst storm in the state’s history.  The Price of Business Show, which is a major media partner of this site, is actually taped in Houston, Texas.  Much of the area has been utterly wasted by this storm.  Please put this area in your prayers and its many neighbors that will be impacted.  In addition, please consider helping anyway you can.  The area needs both financial and volunteer help.  The Doc Green Show in partnership with the Self Defense Fund, which are friends of this media, have put together an excellent resource to help people support the relief effort. It is one of the best resources online and covers numerous organizations and types of services.  Check out the Doc Green Show website for more  information.

Andy Valadez of Marketing Dynamics was on the show to discuss rescue efforts and this web resource.

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