Please, Buy the Right Powertrain Control Module (PCM) for Your Ford

Your Ford has been running like a dream for a while, but of late, you have noticed that something is off. Not being a trained mechanic, you call your regular in and the diagnosis is fast and  furious.

Your PCM needs to go and a new one needs to come in. It is not anything you have ever had to deal with before and you do not know the first thing about the Ford PCM. Now, your mechanic will take care of everything, naturally, but it is your car. Knowledge about how it works and what goes out and gets replaced is as vital as knowing what vitamins your body  needs.

First things  first:

It is vitally important that you make sure that the number of the PCM unit you have on you is the right one. If you make an error even of one digit, you will get the wrong one and your vehicle will let you know. You could end up losing money and then spending more on repairing fresh issues in your  car.

How do you know if the number of your replacement PCM is the correct  one?

  1. Inspect the hardware  type

There is a code that is printed on the top of the pin section of the PCM. Order the replacement PCM using this number. You can inquire from your mechanic where this number is so that you are sure that you are on the right path. Also, look out for 3 alphabetical letters which will be followed by a hyphen, then 3 to 5 other letters. Once you have these (please write them down somewhere), then you are ready to make your order without making errors. Remember to countercheck with your mechanic before you place that  call.

  1. Service  ID.

The service ID number can be found next to the hardware type number and right next right to the barcode. This one is quite easy to locate. If you can see the barcode, you can see the  number

This code is important because it represents the accurate calibration of the particular device. It is possible that there are newer calibrations. These are marked with an ‘F’. Therefore, make sure that you have the right  code

  1. The Ford ID  number.

In case you cannot see any hardware type marked on the label, then use the service ID number to order your PCM. This number contains the ‘12A5650’ code which is found in the middle of the part digits. In the event that your PCM has no hardware type, get an expert to read the Ford ID  number

You are now ready to order your PCM and ready, therefore, to get your Ford back on the road. If you still have doubts or are worried about getting the right item, involve your mechanic. They will advise you  accordingly.

Have in mind that the right Ford PCM will restore your car to its former glory while the wrong one will leave you pulling out clumps of your hair in frustration, which means that you must be extremely meticulous in getting the right  item.

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