Positive Signs In A Struggling Economy As Sporting Gets Back Underway

There has been plenty of talk around how economies around the world are struggling due to the spread of the coronavirus and how many businesses may not be able to recover in the wake of the global crisis – many have even warned of the incoming recession that we’re going to face, with the hopes that it will turn out to be a V shaped recession, with a sharp dip and a quick recovery, rather than a U shaped recovery with a sharp dip and a long drawn out period before recovery happens – but early signs are looking good, particularly across parts of Europe as the US may look to follow.

Lockdown measures have begun to be lifted across Europe – many of the hardest hit countries in the world such as Italy have begun to recover as businesses slowly start to re-open on a limited basis, it’s still a far cry away from normality but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Germany has also continued along its course of handling the coronavirus extremely well as the first country to have a major sporting event get back underway as the soccer league of Bundesliga was played once again at the weekend – the first major soccer event since March – this is set to continue through the coming weeks as the schedule is showing up to eighteen games to be played per week – something that may also ring true across other leagues in different countries as the UK, Italy, and Spain are all set to also continue their soccer leagues within the next few weeks – and with this more businesses are set to open alongside them with many citing July as perhaps the earliest date to do so.

There are some positive signs in the US too – similarly across sporting events as the UFC has managed to get combat sports back underway – three events were held over the course of a week showing others that there is definitely a way to this area of the economy going once more – the popularity and demand had also been shown as UK betting sites not blocked by gamstop would go on to say that the first event held, UFC 249, was the most bet event in the companies history, once again demonstrating the fans interest in sporting events returning to many – although these will all be held without fans in attendance, broadcasting them live is just enough.

Over the coming month or so as we approach July, it’s looking increasingly likely that there will be widespread efforts to get businesses across the world to re-open – some have even suggested that international travel and summer holidays may also be possible so long as some guidance is followed to stay safe – it seems the economy is on track to begin a slow recovery and although a lot of damage has already been done, perhaps there is an opportunity for the end of the year to be rounded out in a positive position, something seemingly unthinkable just months ago.

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