Practice Safe Texting

By TeleMessage, Special for  USDR

Despite the convenience of text messaging, with over 3 million messages sent per minute, its use as an enterprise communications tool is inherently  risky.

TeleMessage, secure text messaging provider, warns against using standard text messaging and/or consumer messaging chat apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage in the workplace.  Surveys show that 95% of employees send work related information over their smartphones, 75% send sensitive or confidential information, and only 13% reported to have regulations limiting the use of texting for work related  tasks.

A stolen or lost phone: a potential  disaster

Unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence with 68 percent of victims unable to recover their device, and with a 44 percent of phone theft victims accidentally leaving it behind in public  settings.

It only takes one text to hack 950 million Android  phones

In one of the worst Android flaws ever uncovered, six critical vulnerabilities left 95 per cent of Android phones open to an attack delivered by a simple multimedia text. “Remote code execution” bugs allow malicious hackers to infiltrate devices and ex-filtrate private  data.

A new class of messaging services for  workplaces

Technology research firm Gartner estimates half of team coordination and communication by 2018 will occur via group collaboration apps, including secure text messaging  apps.

And as employees are embracing consumer messaging apps, IT administrators warn that the use of consumer messaging apps poses additional risks when users’ identities cannot be  authenticated.

How does secure text messaging  work?

-Company administration provides user accounts, allows the creation of corporate address books and groups, permitting enforcement of corporate  policies.

-Security features such as end-to-end encryption, self-destructing messages, remote data wipe from lost devices or deactivated  accounts.

-Users know when their messages have been sent, delivered,  read.

-Message archiving and auditing controls for compliance and regulation  purposes.

-API integration of the solution into corporate IT systems such as databases, ERP, CRM, alert systems  etc.

TeleMessage’s innovative messaging software has been successfully deployed and used by thousands of enterprises, trusted by dozens of telecom operators, reached hundreds of millions of users and powers billions of messages through customers’ networks since 1999. Their messaging solution portfolio includes secure text messaging for businesses and high-volume text messaging services powered by their API cloud  platform.

SOURCE  TeleMessage

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