Pregnant 14-Year-Old Girls Recruited for ‘Nazi’-like Late-Term Abortion Bleeding Study

By MRCTV, Special for  USDR.

Pregnant girls as young as 14 may participate in a study – without their parents’ approval – that measures how much they bleed, with and without an anti-hemorrhagic drug, after late-term  abortions.

The “Effects of Oxytocin on Bleeding Outcomes During Dilation and Evacuation” clinical trial will measure what happens as the drug is, or is not, administered to women after a second-trimester abortion. The drug oxytocin causes uterine contracting and is commonly administered after a live birth to make sure that the woman does not bleed  out.

A “double-blind, placebo controlled trial” means that a potentially lifesaving drug may be withheld to test what happens, warns radiologist Dr. Grazie Pozo  Christie.

“This study is reminiscent of Nazi concentration camp experiments. I pity the poor women who are being treated like lab rats, especially those who are denied the drug to reduce hemorrhaging,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “If there is a danger, the possibility of bleeding out, then why allow a 14-year-old to go through a double-blind placebo test?” asked Dr. Grazie Pozo  Christie.

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