Preparing for a Memorable Trampoline Park Experience


Trampoline parks seem to be appearing everywhere as more people become aware of what they have to offer. Visiting one of the parks can be daunting when you are not sure about what you should wear, age restrictions for certain activities and other considerations. Having an idea of what you can expect can help you prepare for a fun and unforgettable experience in  advance.

Booking in  Advance

Trampoline parks have different regulations but it is usually advisable to book or make a reservation before you arrive at the park. This is because there are a limited number of people that can be on trampolines at the same  time.

Jump and bouncing sessions can be booked online with ease to prevent waiting for extended periods of time upon arrival. Depending on the season, walk-ins can be accommodated but during times such as weekends and holidays, booking in advance is recommended. You have options regarding how many hours of jumping and bouncing you  want.


Before people are given access activity areas, they need to sign waiver forms. You sign the form for you and the children that accompany you. Such activities require this procedure and you will be informed about how often you are expected to complete the  form.

Clothing and  Accessories

  • In regards to the right clothing and accessories for a day at the trampoline park, your clothing should always be comfortable to avoid being restricted while bouncing. Accessories such as jewelry and belts are not usually allowed in compliance with safety regulations.
  • Before you enter the open trampoline area, your belongings and valuables can be safely stored away. Learn more at
  • Bouncing on the trampoline requires non-slip varieties of socks to ensure everyone’s safety and health is duly protected. You can purchase your special socks at the venue and wear them every time you visit the park.

Exploring the  Park

When you are ready for your trampoline park experience, you can start exploring the venue and getting familiar with the place. There is a main area of trampolines, foam pits, dodgeball courts, basketball courts, children’s court and so much more. This is a chance for you to practice different skills and play some extreme versions of games such as slam dunk and  dodgeball.

After working up a sweat or wearing yourself out at the park, you can spend some time recovering on a massage chair or with a refreshment to satisfy your hunger pangs. If there are some people who may not be jumping, they can hang around and watch the activities that are taking place on the  trampoline.


  • Trampoline parks offer several benefits and a wide range of activities. To avert safety risks and prevent injuries, there are some essential guidelines that people need to keep in mind.
  • Safety can be maintained in a number of ways, including separating the jumpers according to size, participating with jumpers of the same size, taking off jewelry, restricting jumps to the trampolines and making sure that your pockets and mouth are empty,
  • Avoid dangerous tricks and sitting on the court. Get familiar with your surroundings and listen to the instructions that are provided by staff.


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