Preventing Election Chaos with Kids

By Liberty Learning Foundation, Special for  USDR

It’s easy to understand why memorizing mundane facts about civics doesn’t exactly excite today’s elementary students. How do you compete for the attention of app-distracted, over-stimulated youth? The key to ensuring engaged, informed citizens is early exposure, inspiring stories and including kids in our democracy well before they become voting adults. And, of course, it has to be  fun!

Enter Libby Liberty: America’s ambassador to our youth. She’s on a mission to make civics accessible and empowering for today’s youth. She models love of country and awareness through discovery while avoiding left-right politics  altogether.

The beautifully illustrated, 32-page book shows a lively Libby traveling the United States introducing children to Super Citizenveterans, scientists, doctors, political leaders and more. They learn honor, gratitude and the power of their roles in our great nation’s  future.

With proceeds benefitting Liberty Learning Foundation, the book is a cartoon version of the nonprofit’s groundbreaking educational bus tour that has been presenting Libby Liberty and the 10-week Super Citizen program (free) in schools for the past six  years.

“We tell kids in our program that they already have the most important title in the world — even more important than ‘President.’ That title is ‘Citizen,'” says Kristen Sharp, a former Broadway actress who performs as the green lady. “And that’s just how the book ends. After being introduced to examples of American figures, their virtues, values and contributions, the final page suggests that they will find the next Super Citizen by taking a good look in the  mirror.”

Libby Liberty: In Search of Super Citizens” is entertaining, informative and heartwarming. More importantly, it is one more touch point in Liberty Learning Foundation’s mission to ensure our next generation is engaged and empowered to think and act intelligently as citizens. With just weeks before an unprecedented presidential election, and an increasingly divided nation, we can all agree that this proactive education should be a top  priority.

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SOURCE Liberty Learning  Foundation

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