Price of Business: Live from Dreamforce 2011

By US Daily Review Staff

Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief of US Daily Review and Host of the Price of Business will be reporting live for the second year in a row from‘s annual event called Dreamforce in San Francisco, California beginning Tuesday, August 30 through Thursday, September 2.  The Price of Business is one of the longest running business shows in Houston, Texas and the program is on Bloomberg affiliated (and Salem owned) KNTH. The show often includes features from Bloomberg Radio and TV.

Dreamforce is the brainchild of, which is one of the most prominent web based sales and customer relation programs in the world.  It is a leader in moving companies from depending on software and going to the “cloud” (Internet).

Price will be recording videos that will both be used on a special page being created at the Price of Business website and audios that will be aired over several days.  Price will be assisted again this year by show contributor Walter Rogers, President of Baker Communications.  Baker Communications is a leader in sales and customer relations management.  In addition, Lin Fisher, who is Chief Strategy Officer of Baker will also be involved in the program.  Although there will be a guest host during the days Price is gone, Kevin will also be doing live reports with Baker Communications and its guests from San Francisco.

Through out the year Baker has a weekly segment on the Price of Business in which they interview executives from leading companies around the world.  The highlight of their collaboration is the work they get to do together at Dreamforce.  Kevin Price said “I love the outstanding work that Baker Communications performs in bringing some of the brightest minds and best companies around the world to my audience.  Baker is certainly one of the most popular contributors on the program.”

To keep track of Kevin Price’s activities, make sure you read the special page devoted to Dreamforce being launched at To understand how Baker Communications has used its involvement in radio to help its clients, make sure you visit its website.

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