Privacy for Photo-Sharing Parents

By  Winnie, Special for  USDR

Today local parenting app Winnie announced the launch of the first photo-sharing product specifically for parents, with privacy at the  forefront.

“Parents love taking and sharing photos of their children, but rarely share them publicly especially when there are other people’s children in the photo,” said Winnie Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Anne K. Halsall. “We want parents to feel safe and have fun sharing their photos, so we created a set of masks that let you cover people’s faces without making the photo any less  delightful.”

The photo sharing experience in Winnie uses face detection to automatically mask people in the photos. The photos are also integrated into the local directory product, so a parent checking out a local playground or activity can see photos other parents have taken at that  place.

“Parents tell us that the photos we show are one of the most useful parts of Winnie,” said Winnie Co-founder and CEO Sara Mauskopf. “It helps them imagine what it would be like to take their kids somewhere, before they make the  trip.”

Winnie is free and currently works best in the United States, but can be used anywhere in the world. Download the iOS app or visit Winnie’s website to join their growing community of parents and share your  photos.

About  Winnie
Winnie is a San Francisco-based startup founded in 2016 with a mission to make parents’ lives easier through technology. With a fast-growing database of curated and crowdsourced information on over 1 million locations, Winnie gives parents the information they need to travel, explore, or even just run errands with their kids — anywhere they happen to be.  As one of the first tech companies addressing the rapidly growing market of millennial parents, Winnie is uniquely poised to become an essential tool and enduring brand for modern families. Winnie is currently available on iOS and on the web at

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