Project to Give New Home to Family of a Fallen Soldier

By Believe With Me, Special for  USDR.

Believe With Me is a non-profit dedicated to bringing hope and help to the families of our fallen soldiers. After giving over 1500 gifts to 300 children of America’s fallen heroes, founder of Believe With Me, Lyette Reback, believes there is still something more to be done this  Christmas.

“Losing your son in service to this nation? That’s sacrifice enough. Loosing your home after the death of a hero — That’s just too much. And I believe we can do something about that this Christmas,” said Lyette  Reback.

When you lose a child in the service of our nation’s military, your life stops…but the bills don’t. Losing your son is sacrifice enough. Losing your home is just too much. And I believe we can do something about  that


Believe With Me is taking on their second “The House That Love Built” project where they provide a new or newly renovated home for a Gold Star family. Believe With Me has already found a home in the Gold Star family’s local area and is asking for publicity help to get the word out there so that as many grateful Americans as possible have the opportunity to take part in giving back to this deserving  family.

After being featured on The Today Show for their #sharekindness campaign, Lyette saw the incredible outpouring of support with thankful Americans looking for ways to give back to the families of our fallen soldiers. Her goal is to purchase the home by December 23rd, have an extreme makeover during the week of December 26-January 1, and then give the home as a gift on behalf of thousands of grateful Americans the evening of January 1st. An Army of willing volunteers stand at the ready to make this house a home for a Gold Star family in time for the New  Year.

All interested parties can view the link  here.

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