Prominent Economist Talks About The Future Of Banking


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American Economist Allan Meltzer, Ph.D, a Senior Fellow at Hoover Institute, and author of a three-volume history of the Federal Reserve, featured in this two minute preview video, describes his solution to avoid Big Bank Bail-outs in the future.

Meltzer tells the Full Disclosure Network(R) how he is working with U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and David Vitter (R-LA) to help write a bill that would downsize banks to protect the public and smaller community banks by helping to level the playing field.

Dr. Meltzer also explains that the US should learn from Switzerland who has two giant banks much larger than the Swiss economy, and could not be bailed out, and points out that these banks are required to have 19% equity capital, forcing them to think differently about their practices.

Meltzer recalls the Bernie Madoff debacle, and some lawyers bragging to him about circumvention regulations while staying inside the law.


Full Disclosure Network(R) continues its historic Internet TV series examining the Federal Reserve System and its proper role in an interview with Allan Meltzer, Ph.D., Professor, and Carnegie Mellon Tepper Graduate School of Business


Full Disclosure Network is the Emmy Award-winning show that claims to be “the news behind the news,” focusing on the crucial issues confronting the U.S. today. The range of subjects include Judicial Malfeasance, the Rule of Law, Educational and Political Interviews, Police and Sheriff’s Departments, Immigration Reform, and many more informative, one-on-one interviews.


Watch the full segment here.


SOURCE: Full Disclosure Network

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