Protect Iowa’s – And America’s – Financial Future By Supporting Ernst

Joni Ernst and Rand Paul. Photo by Gage Skidmore

Joni Ernst and Rand Paul. Photo by Gage Skidmore


NTUCF, the political action arm of the nation’s oldest taxpayer advocacy group, recently announced that it is endorsing Ernst to be the Hawkeye State’s next U.S. Senator.

Joni Ernst has the right combination of ideas, energy, and leadership to fight for fiscal responsibility in the U.S. Senate, which is why she’s earned support from the National Taxpayers Union Campaign Fund (NTUCF).

“The U.S. Senate needs a major shake-up to restore common sense and sanity to the federal budget, and Joni Ernst is the right candidate for the job,” said NTUCF President Pete Sepp.

“With her practical experience in government finance, her insightful perspective on growing the economy, and her tenacity on behalf of taxpayer rights, Joni has the vital leadership qualities that we need to turn around Washington’s wasteful ways,” Sepp said.

Ernst received plaudits from NTUCF for her federal fiscal policy platform, which includes scrapping the tax system in favor of a simpler, less burdensome alternative, replacing ObamaCare with free-market alternatives, and reforming entitlement programs to make them sustainable for future retirees.

Other particular policies Ernst has advocated – such as allowing individuals to purchase health insurance across state lines, backing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and repealing the onerous, ineffective Dodd-Frank financial regulation scheme – also show her perceptive grasp of the issues that matter most to Iowa’s taxpayers.

On the other hand Ernst’s opponent, Bruce Braley, has consistently racked up a dangerous anti-taxpayer record during his service in the House of Representatives. As a Congressman, Braley has earned six “F” grades and one “D” grade on National Taxpayers Union’s annual Rating of Congress, which analyzes every roll call vote affecting federal taxes, spending, debt, and regulations. His most recent score (in 2013), based on 252 House votes, was a poor 23 percent, but he has turned in performances as low as 2 percent during his tenure.

“As a Member of the House, Bruce Braley has worked overtime to increase the national debt, boost the federal tax burden, and grow government; he shouldn’t get the chance to do the same in the Senate,” Sepp concluded. “For the sake of our nation’s financial future, it’s time to change course by sending Joni Ernst, the taxpayers’ choice, to Washington.”

SOURCE National Taxpayers Union Campaign Fund

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