Protect Your Business from Hackers

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By Ritlabs, SRL, Special for USDR

In 2016 stories of hacks covered the headlines, from social media of tech leaders and celebrities, to food chains and hotels, and even email attacks with the Hong Kong Exchange. Hackers are growing more creative, more intelligent and in numbers each year.

The January 2017 issue of Scientific American noted that “Since 2005, corporate systems have been breached more than 5,100 times, involving nearly a billion records. And the breaches are getting bigger and more frequent.”

It’s time for businesses to protect themselves.  The Bat! is a secure email client developed by Ritlabs, SRL to safeguard and manage private email.  Unlike vulnerable webmail services, The Bat! uses encryption streams and authentication protocols to protect your information from hackers.  The Bat! also protects users against data loss with a backup and restore function for emails, settings, address books, folders and messages.

“Using email each day is a society norm, yet so many people don’t know the risks associated with their email clients or even that they have different options available,” said Maxim Masiutin, Director of Ritlabs, SRL. “The Bat! offers individuals, nonprofits and businesses alike an affordable, secure, and intuitive option for their information.”

In addition to security, some of the additional features of The Bat! include smart sorting, multi-language interface, quick templates and compatibility with any windows PC platform.

Ritlabs, SRL is a software company specializing in developing secure communication products for corporate and private clients. Founded in 1998, the company focuses on a product line for secure data transfer in public information networks. The company serves customers in small business, technology development, government, financial services, aerospace, and home computing consumers. Through multilingual support, Ritlabs, SRL serves users in 191 different countries, with over 20,000 customers in the United States. Learn more about Ritlabs, SRL an award-winning company at


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