Purple Poll Looks at Obama, Gingrich and Yes, Jeb Bush

By Purple Strategies, Special for US Daily Review.

How will Obama compete in "purple states"?

Purple Strategies today released the results of its December PurplePoll of the 2012 election cycle. The survey reveals over the past month, President Barack Obama has picked up some steam in the 12 Purple states, but still falls short of his re-election goals.

Results also reveal Newt Gingrich may have passed his peak, as he now fares worse against President Obama than Mitt Romney, and his unfavorable ratings are increasing. Just 19 percent of Iowa voters have a favorable view of Newt Gingrich, with 60 percent holding an unfavorable view.

“Across the Purple states, the race remains tight, with President Obama improving since the inaugural PurplePoll in September,” said Steve McMahon, founding partner of Purple Strategies. “According to December’s poll, Obama ranks slightly better against Gingrich than he does against Romney in these pivotal swing states.”

“Currently, Iowa is ground zero in the battle for the Republican nomination with more advertising and public presence than other states,” said Doug Usher, Ph.D., Managing Director, Purple Insights. “At this early stage, the net impact of the race does not appear to be positive for Republicans among the broader electorate in Iowa.”

With Republicans commentators clamoring for an alternative to the current GOP field, Jeb Bush was included in this month’s PurplePoll to measure the current Republican candidates against the popular former Florida governor. The results found him well liked among Republicans in swing states – 49 percent offer favorable ratings. Importantly, he has the lowest unfavorable rating among GOP swing state voters: 22 percent, 13 points lower than Gingrich, and 14 points lower than Romney.

“A non-candidate, Jeb Bush, has lower unfavorable ratings than actual candidates such as Romney and Gingrich,” said Bruce Haynes, managing partner of Purple Strategies. “The primary is clearly taking a toll on voter’s views of the GOP field, and the winner will have to recover while facing a fusillade of attacks from the president’s campaign. So while the president has some work to do on his own fundamentals, the GOP nominee still has a difficult path to the White House.”

Updated regularly throughout the 2012 election cycle, the PurplePoll will continue to follow leading political indicators and track new issues as they emerge.

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